Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Blogtember 2015: October Inspiration

Blogtember is drawing to a close and today's prompt is refreshingly simple! Come up with 10 blog posts/ideas for next month. October is shaping up to be a busy month so it's going to be helpful to have some posts in mind before the month even begins! I'm spending one weekend camping with a group of Girl Guides, one weekend is Thanksgiving and I've made some potential plans to spend a weekend in the city and another weekend going for a fall drive and trip to the pumpkin patch with J.. All things that I'm looking forward to, but things that are filling up my time none the less. 

What I liked about this prompt was is forced me to look at a calendar and brainstorm about what things I can blog about this month and when I'll have make time to blog. 
  1. October Goals. - I like goal setting and I really want to get better at setting goals & achieving them.
  2. Books. - I really liked writing the Blogtember post about my September Reads and I want to make it a monthly thing. 
  3. Thankful. - October is Thanksgiving here in Canada! 
  4. Ode to Organization. - October will be a good month to write about my planner.
  5. Fall Photos. - The leaves around here are world famous. Time to put the camera to good use!
  6. Coffee Date. - I've been writing one of these for the last few months and I like having a 'catch all' type posts and a monthly overview.
  7. Nature Lovers. - I love being outdoors and I think kids/youth need to be outdoors too. Plus, just because it's getting cold outside doesn't mean you have to stay inside. 
  8. Food Stuff. - This is vague, but that's the point. I'd like to blog about a recipe or just my meal plan. 
  9. Fall Date Day. - J. and I made plans to visit a pumpkin patch and corn maze and go for many evening strolls to admire the leaves. 
  10. Fall Care Packages. - J.'s sister is studying abroad and three of my close friends are living away from home too so I'm going to put together some fall themed care packages. Maybe it'll give someone some inspiration!
What blog posts do you have in mind this month? I'm also linking up my fall themed post ideas with the Blogging Elite!

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