Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Eight Favourite Characters

Today I'm linking up with Tuesday Topics to share my eight favourite characters from books/movies. Before I unveil my choices it's important to remember that I'm a quirky person and my menagerie of favourite characters completely reflect that trait.

1. Ted Mosby I relate to Ted and his plight to find true love so much it hurts. I love that he is an eternal optimist and never loses hope. I also love that he has quirky interests and his friends sort of think he's a ridiculous person, but also love him because he's a ridiculous person. I relate to his extreme nostalgia and sometimes getting carried away with the idea of how life is supposed to look at any given time.

2. Stargirl I read this book for the first time in elementary school and it was a little over my head. By the time I read it in junior high I got it but didn't love it. When I re-read it in high school I fell head over heels for Stargirl. I mentioned before that I ended up using a Stargirl quote for my senior quote because not only is the character great but the writing is beautiful.

3. Charlie Brown I love that Charlie Brown can't catch a break, I get it. Again with the eternal optimism though, even if he winds up throwing chocolates into the river it didn't stop him from buying them in the first place. 

4. Meredith Grey Meredith knows how to put on her big girl undies and get things done. Bad things happen to her frequently and on an alarming scale but she deals with it and moves on. Not always in the best ways but she does what she needs to do even if she's not confident it's what she wants to do. 

5. Meeko I love Pocahontas, but the real star of the show for me is Meeko.

6. Phoebe Buffay She knows who she is and doesn't let a darn thing stand in her way of doing what she thinks is right. She puts everything she has into everything she does (cups & ice anyone?) and even though things can get a little weird she goes with the flow. 

7. Princess Mia I feel like I grew up with Mia, we're close to the same age and as each new book was being released it felt like she was growing up with me. The first movie is great (we'll pretend the second one doesn't exist) but I love the Mia from the books. 

8. Amelia Bedelia These were my favourite books to read when I was first learning how to read. I loved reading about Amelia's misadventures and I still love reading these books to the littles in my life.

Doesn't that sound like the guest list to the best dinner party ever? Bonus fun fact, Amelia is my absolute favourite name for a girl and if I ever have a daughter I want her name to be Amelia. I attribute this love in large part to the two Amelia's above, which I happen to think are excellent namesakes.

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