Friday, 6 December 2013

One Hundred & Five

{one} {ONE HUNDRED!}
This is officially my 100th blog post!! Hurray!! I know it's a pretty small milestone, but I'm celebrating all the same. Everyone has to start somewhere and I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made over the last 100 posts.


I took the plunge (and got a great deal thanks to reward points and a sale) and bought a "fancy camera" the best deal was on a Canon Rebel T3 and it has really good reviews on Amazon so I went for it. I'm on a huge learning curve but I'm hoping to play around with it some more this weekend and I've been pinning tips & tricks like mad. 

I'm not sure if it's that I've been getting more comments lately (which I love by the way!!) or if there's been some sort of setting change but it seems like everybody is a no-reply blogger. Which makes me super sad because one of the best parts about getting a comment is commenting back and making new friends! There are lots of easy peasy tutorials (including this one & this one)  on how to fix this issue so if you've been commenting up a storm and getting no replies this might be your problem. Now go fix it, and then come back and comment because I want to be friends! :) 

My director messaged me this morning with a message saying "23 weeks until we move to camp!". Crazy that summer (well, spring) is that close. I have a long list of projects I want to get done for this summer; revamping the Jeopardy game, new binders for each of the activities, a pile of easy sample crafts for rainy days...thinking about it kind of stresses me out. It also makes me super excited though! I can't wait for camper registrations to start coming in and staff applications! So exciting!

I need to get dressed and venture into town in hopes of snagging some of the winter tires that are on sale this week at Canadian Tire. I would rather stay spend the day in my sweat pants but I'm motivated by the thought that getting snow tires means that next week end I will be able to go to the city! We're celebrating R.'s birthday next Friday and then Saturday a few of the staff from this summer are getting together to drink wine and catch up! I am super excited! I've seen H. & R. separately since camp camp ended and the three of us group chat and Skype all the time but we haven't actually been together in the same room since August!


  1. Great post & happy 100th! I had to do the whole tutorial thing as well when I encountered the no-reply situation so thanks for sharing! -have a great weekend!

  2. Congrats on your 100th post! Stopping by from the link-up. Happy Friday!

    Forever Young

  3. I want a fancy dancy camera so bad! But I had to be practical on Black Friday and buy myself a much needed laptop instead of a camera :( I expect tons of pretty pictures on here now! haha

    I hear ya on the staying at home in sweatpants thing. Its -45 here right now and I did NOT want to leave the house for work this morning!

  4. The no-reply blogger thing was tough! I had to adjust my settings, not knowing I was initially one. Glad I got it figured out early on! :)

    Happy 100th!

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  5. Argh, I wrote a blog post about the no-reply blogger thing too, only to find out that even though I've changed it, somehow Google changed it back! So angry. And now I can't seem to fix it. Boo. :(

    And congratulations on your 100th post, as well as getting that awesome camera :)