Thursday, 12 December 2013

Meet Big Kitty

I was thrilled when I found out earlier this week that Jackie & Karly would be hosting another "Pets Are People Too" Link up! Last month I introduced you to my favourite furry trouble maker, Peyton. This time I thought I'd introduce you to the other cat who lives at my house, Big Kitty.

Big Kitty & I have a complicated relationship. And by that I mean, she doesn't really like me. It's nothing I did, she just doesn't really like anybody except for my Dad & Brother. 

Big Kitty's claim to fame is her name, or lack there of... You see, Big Kitty was adopted by the family while I was away at university and I was not very happy when I found out they got a kitten when I wasn't home to play with the kitten! So I made an agreement with Brother that we would come up with a name together, even though I was 500 miles away and wouldn't meet the new kitten until Christmas (this was in October). Brother really wanted to name her "Tweety" because she looks like Sylvester and he thought that would be funny? I like people names for cats and I was pushing for Riley. There were lots of  phone conversations and texts and e-mails sent over the course of two weeks. Finally my mom demanded we pick a name for the cat because she was going to the vet the next day. We randomly agreed on "Boots". 

Fast forward a few months to when I come home for Christmas and meet the newest member of the family. "Boots" doesn't really know her name and I quickly agree that after meeting her and knowing her personality it doesn't fit either. There's a brief discussion about picking a different name but it never happened. She was our only cat, so she just became known as "Cat". When people asked about her name I would either tell them it was "Cat, short for Catherine" or "Cat, because she looks just like Cat from Little Bear!". 

This went on for three years, then we adopted Peyton. "Cat" wasn't the only cat in town anymore, she was going to need some sort of name to distinguish her from the kitten. And so, she became "Big Kitty" (Peyton is referred to as "Little Kitty" 90% of the time by the rest of my family). 

Her personality is totally different than Petyton's. She doesn't like to cuddle and will tolerate a few pats on the head or scratches under the chin before she tries to claw your hand off. She spends most of her day sleeping in normal cat places (beds, couches, blankets) and is a very respectable and rule abiding member of our household. The only trouble she gets into is when her food dish is empty and she scratches the door frame demanding someone fill her food dish. 


  1. Hahaha big kitty and little kitty. That cracks me up! My friend's cat is like this, she only likes her owner and me (cause I feed her when my friend is out of town.) Otherwise, she hides.

  2. I sort of have a cat (she's a stray who adopted me!) and I've always referred to her a Kitty. I think the Cat short of Catherine is cute, but Big Kitty is an awesome name too :)

  3. love the names. we actually ended up changing our pug rosie's name after we had her for about a month. we originally named her dolly but it just didn't fit and rosie seemed "right." thanks so much for linking up with us!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  4. I love how she got her name. Haha. :-)

  5. haha love how the name came about! what a pretty kitty!

  6. Big kitty is very pretty :) I love how animals all have different personalities like us! Big kitty and Little kitty!