Monday, 9 December 2013

Weekend Shenanigans

I didn't have a super fascinating weekend but I stayed busy and since this is the last Weekend Shenanigan's link up I decided to join in. 

The biggest part of my weekend was playing with my camera. I was hoping to get outside with it at some point but first we had high winds and rain and then it was snowing and bitterly cold, so I opted to stay indoors. I took a lot of pictures of the cats. And my bedroom. It's still very much a work in progress. 

Friday I'm going to the city for the weekend to celebrate R.'s birthday and Christmas with the girls. All three of us are big list makers, so we spend a solid chunk of time making a list of everything we want to do next weekend and when we want it to happen. I am super excited about it! I just hope the weather is good on Friday for the 5 hour drive to the city. 

Last night while watching the finale of The Amazing Race I found a chip that had a cat/Simba in the middle! This is probably of no interest to anyone except myself but I thought it was cool. 

I re-downloaded Evernote this weekend and am trying to use it to organize my blogging life. I tried to use it before just to organize life but I didn't like it and deleted it after a few months. I'm going to give it another try though and hopefully this time I'll figure it out better and put it to good use!

QuizUp. If you have an iPhone and haven't downloaded this app yet you're doing it wrong. A friend told me to download it on Saturday and I literally spent the entire day playing. There are trivia questions in so many different categories; my favourites of course are Friends, Taylor Swift, Disney and The Bible. 

Friday I had a blah day, I was frustrated and cranky and just feeling so overwhelmed and lost. So to paraphrase my favourite sitcom character, Liz Lemon, I "talked to some food about it" and ate french fries, chicken nuggets and Vanilla Coke for lunch/supper.

I have a long list of things I need to get done this week before I go to the city. 75% of it is fun things (Finishing gifts, packing, making a playlist for the drive...) the other 25% is typical boring errands. It will make the week go by fast though which is okay by me! 

Speaking of talking to food and having a long to do list over at Mingle Monday people are discussing their favourite coffee. I'm going to draw some inspiration from those comments, power up the Keurig and get to work!  


  1. Wunderlist is another app, not as broad as Evernote, but a good one for lists.

  2. Not only do I love QuizUp but I am addicted the the Friends category. "Could it BE any greater?!"

  3. nice weekend!

    that quote is hilarious;the chip is rather cool :)

    cute blog!

  4. I am now going to download evernote and wunderlist(thanks to Anna who commented) --you've inspired me! Also, I love that Liz Lemon reference. It is exactly how I feel sometimes. haha

  5. You got your camera! Awesome!

  6. So sad its her last Weekend Shenans, Love your camera, they are so addicting!

    I'm having a Weekend Recap linkup on my blog ! Would love for you to be a part of it :)

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