Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday: Want, Need, Wear, Read

Want: I'm always happy with scrapbooking supplies or stationary, particularly I am eyeing stickers from the Etsy shop Abundance of Erica. In terms of less tangible things, I would really like a full time, year round, permanent camp job. 

Need: I have a really hard time with this category because honestly there's nothing I NEED. To me a need is something that I can't function without and I am functioning quite well. In the interest of preserving my photos I do need an external hard drive so I can back up my photos. 

Wear: Here's a fun fact about me, I take really good care of my things. I buy pretty plain/basic articles of clothing and don't often buy new stuff unless I absolutely love it or genuinely need it. Up until last week I was rocking the same three pairs of black yoga pants I've had since university (we're talking 5+ years here). And then two pairs ripped within two days. One had to go directly in the garbage, the other is acceptable for wearing around the house but is in rough shape. All that to say I'd like some black yoga pants. Technically, this might be more of a need but I'm opting for wear. 

Read: Simply Tuesday, The Wilder Life: Adventures in the Lost World of Little House on the Prairie, The Tao of Martha. Or any of the other 200+ books on my Goodreads "To Read" list. I'd also like to have The Pioneer Woman's recipe books. 

I've been told I'm a very hard person to shop for, which could very well be the case but I happen to think I'm pretty easy to please. Give me a big bag of pretzels, a notebook and a new pen and I'm a happy person. What's on your list this year? Are you easy to buy for or do you fall into the hard to buy for category like me?

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  1. I'm going to have to check out the book about Little House on the Prairie!