Monday, 14 November 2016

Remembering, Eating & Weekending

My weekend started on Friday, which was Remembrance Day here in Canada. In this part of the world stores are closed and most people have the day off work. I attended the community Remembrance Day service at church with my Sparks/Brownies. It was a lengthy service but the girls held it together and sat through the whole thing. I only had to remind them once that they could look at the Bibles and the hymn books but they weren't to be used to hit their friend sitting in the pew in front of them. So I'm calling it a win. I was back home early afternoon and spent the rest of the day helping Mom put together some things for the church tea & sale next weekend. 

Saturday I made a trip to Michael's where I bought more washi tape (apparently I have an addiction) and treated myself to Starbucks. I could care less about Pumpkin Spice Lattes but Creme Brule Lattes are a completely different story. Happiness in a cup. I made Thai Chicken & Rice Soup for supper, which if you saw my Instagram post, is the soup that makes me forget that I don't like soup. I start with the soup mix from Campbell's but then I add a bunch more veggies and the end result is delicious. I put the finishing touches on meeting plans for Sparks, we were finishing off the My Community badge and starting on Being Healthy so our meeting included learning about 911. (The printable above is from here.) I started doing this activity last year and I'm still so surprised how many kids have no idea what their address or phone number is, it really is important information they should know. 

Sunday mom made spaghetti & meatballs. I've made meatballs so many times but they are never as good as my mom's. She doesn't really use a recipe and doesn't have any secret ingredients but even when I follow her instructions I still can't get mine to taste like hers. I spent the afternoon working on my Project Life album. I'm ready to start October, which means I am essentially caught up! The photo above is of my cover page, it started coming together organically when I realized I had feet pictures for the first three months of the year so then I kept taking them and the result is a fun opening page. I have a post written about what I learned from my year of documenting using PL, I just need to take photos which has been on my to do list for almost a month now. 

I also spent time this weekend working on yet another job application, only this time I've leaped out of my comfort zone and have decided that I would be willing to move across the country for this particular position. If you've got some spare prayers and positive vibes I'd love if you would send some my way. 


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