Friday, 4 November 2016

A Week Worth Celebrating

I am just so happy that October is over and done with, there were some good moments among the disappointments but I was more than ready to change the month on the calendar. Even though Monday was still October it was still a pretty decent day. I made treat bags for the trick or treaters and some of my Sparks came which was great, they were very excited to meet my cat and get treats from Raindrop (Raindrop is my Spark name). 

Big Kitty was more interested in the empty box I was trying to put the finished treat bags in than anything Halloween related. Peyton complied and wore her Halloween themed collar but she was equally as uninterested in the whole thing. Halloween is pretty low (if not the lowest) on my enjoyable holiday list but as I kid (and university student) it was great so I'm happy to play along for the sake of others.

This photo is kind of terrible, but it's the best I have so I'm using it. I ordered my first planner stickers off of Etsy and they arrived this week! They're from a shop called Blanket Planner and I'm excited to use them once I start using my Happy Planner in 2017. I'm trying not to buy a whole bunch of stickers because I already have a whole lot of stickers but this particular set was tie-dye like and was on sale so I let myself splurge a little. I've also been eyeing stuff from Abundance of Erica but I'm going to hold off a little longer since I won't actually be using anything until January. 

The weather here has been flip flopping back and forth between normal October/November weather and then nice warm days. One night this week I happened to look out my window and notice the sky was full on purple. I thought it was really neat and I like it when the sky does weird things. I would have taken more photos but I was in the middle of making supper and decided it was best not to walk away from the stove on a quest to take sky photos. 

Yesterday I had to run to town so I brought pizza home for super. I am of the belief that donair pizza is the perfect food combination so I made the executive decision to get one of those. I'm excited to eat the leftovers for lunch this afternoon. I also bought a chicken because they were on sale and it seemed like a good idea and more economical because I also bought the necessary ingredients to make pad thai and Thai coconut chicken soup. Apparently I'm on a bit of an Asian kick? I also impulsively bought Campbell's Pho broth...I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it but I'm (fairly) confident I can figure it out and make something delicious. 

What are you celebrating this week? 

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