Thursday, 25 February 2016

February Currently

Reading... Nothing that I felt very passionate about in terms of novels. I did start reading the Savor devotional and even though I'm only a week in so far I'm pretty happy with my purchase. 
Playing... Still playing 1010!
Watching... I've been watching Top Chef on a weekly basis. I've caught up with the last few episodes of Big Bang Theory and caught up with Criminal Minds.
Trying... to catch up on sleep. I am all over the map lately and I would love to get back on a regular sleep schedule. 
Cooking... I haven't been cooking anything elaborated lately. 
Eating... Lots of pitas with tzatziki, chicken and feta cheese.  
Drinking... Coffee, Hot Chocolate, Water and the occasionally Pop for good balance. 
Calling... Nobody! Which is great, I hate calling people. 
Texting... The usual crew. H., R., J. and N.. Sometimes the ladies I carpool with to work. 
Pinning... Craft Ideas, quotes and project life ideas.
Tweeting... Mostly just the automatic tweet from Bloglovin' when a post is published.
Going... Still waiting to find about work before I make any plans. I was hoping to know this week but it doesn't look promising. 
Loving... Winter is half way through. I would say almost over but I assume we'll have our typical April snowstorm. 
Hating... The weather. It's cold, it's warm, it's snowing, it's raining. There is green grass and blue sky, there's freezing rain. I don't know what's happening and I never know what shoes to wear. 
Discovering... I don't think I discovered anything life altering this month.
Thinking... About what I'm going to have for lunch. 
Feeling... Sleepy. 
Hoping (for)... Concrete information about work being extended or not extended so I can get on with my life. 
Listening (to)... Podcasts! Camp Code has been my go to this month and I've also discovered Bringing Up Betty which I'm enjoying so far. 
Celebrating... I ate a lot of cake in February. A belated birthday cake for me, birthday cake for my mom, leftover cake my brother's girlfriend brought over, Valentine's Day cake at work,  cupcakes at work because of a storm.
Smelling... Still enjoying the Winter Sun B&BW candle, although it hasn't matched the weather which has kind of been bothering me. 
Ordering... I ordered this stamp set on a bit of a whim (mostly to use up a visa gift card) we'll see what happens when it gets here.
Thankful for... The local news. This might sound weird but whenever I happen to click on news for a big city or when I was in Florida last month I'm always surprised by the news. So many murders and standoffs and robberies. Around here it's weather and animal stories 75% of the time. The other 25% is pretty depressing but I'm thankful to live in a pretty safe part of the world. 
Considering... I know it's way early, but I'm going to say it plans. Sigh.
Starting... It felt like a started a lot of things this month - books, Project Life layouts, lists, camp projects...
Finishing... You might assume since I started so many projects this month I would have finished a lot of them. This assumption is wrong. I have ticked off a handful of stuff on my "Things to do Before Pre-Camp" list but other than that there is a lot of half finished stuff lying around. 

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