Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Wednesday Confessions: February Edition

I'm glad today is Wednesday because it means two things; the work week is halfway through and it's confession day.

I've been off the Grey's Anatomy train because I couldn't deal with the whole Derek situation. And I was at peace with my decision, then I saw a preview from last week and I have a burning desire to catch up. Grey's Anatomy has become a terrible addiction that I just can't quit.

Working later at night means I sleep in a little later in the morning and that means I miss the best part of the morning news and that makes me kind of sad.

I don't understand everyone's need to be an expert. For some reason everyone and their dog has decided they need to be an expert on something. Food, fitness, faith, parenting, crafting, technology...maybe if we all just concentrated on being experts on ourselves and what works for us we'd all be a little happier.

Along the same lines, WHY does every website/blog I visit now greet me with a popup asking me for my email address so I can sign myself up for either an insider newsletter or a bonus booklet of games or tips!?

I was completely unaware the Grammy's were taking place this week. When I started to see memes and posts about it on social media I didn't have a sweet clue who anyone was (except for my beloved TSwift), apparently there's a girl who wears a giant bow because she doesn't want people to see her face and I've totally been operating under the impression Kendrick Lamar is a basketball player. Pop Culture is not my strong point.

I'm trying super hard to reign in my overachiever when it comes to camp things but it's hard because over the top matchy-matchy stuff is my jam. So I have to keep reminding myself to tone it down. Maybe I should have considered a career as a party planner...except that I think people who pay exorbitant amounts of money to plan birthday parties are kind of crazy.

My current contract ends on March 31st because that's the end of the fiscal year but the contracts may or may not get extended. I am itching to find out if we'll be finished on March 31st or if we'll be extended into April/May mostly because my end date will dictate whether or not I get to go visit H. before camp season.

Now that I've got all that out of my mind, I'm off to get ready for work. If I was more motivated I'd go hunt down a photo to include, but right now I'd rather just hit 'publish' and call it done.

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