Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Happy Blogiversary!

Today I'm celebrating four years of blogging in this little space on the internet. To celebrate I thought I'd share some four themed facts and observations I've made over the past four years. 

Four Blogs I've been following since the beginning:

Four Blogs I've found recently:

Four popular posts:

Four Things I've Learned:
- People are crazy.  There will always be someone who thinks they should be telling you what to do.
- You need to do what makes you happy, not necessarily what makes other people happy.
- Respect for other people and their lifestyle and belief system goes along way.
- People love a bandwagon. 

Four Favourite Things About Blogging
- Blogging gives me an incentive to do things, take pictures and document life.
- Meeting people  women from all over the world (although mostly the US).
- It inspires me to try DIYs, contemplate hard questions and shift my perspectives.
- It's a hobby that perfectly balances my introverted-ness but also my tiny little extrovert. 

It's a little strange to think that I've been blogging here for four whole years but when you stop and think about it a lot of things about blogging are a little strange. And I wouldn't have it any other way! 

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