Monday, 29 February 2016

Many Monday Things

I had good intentions of sharing five on Friday but I had a terrible nights sleep on Thursday and then Friday just kind of got away from me. I worked all weekend so nothing to report there, so we'll back track to Friday and share a bunch of things I meant to share then.

Happy Leap Day! As Leap Day William would say "real life is for March". 

I miss 30 Rock. 

I requested my first cheque from Checkout 51, I've been using the app on and off for over two years. I'm trying to get better about using the stuff I have because it would take a year of rain for me to use up all the things I've been 'saving for a rainy day'. So I went ahead and cashed out and am planning on doing it more frequently from here on out. I love collecting points but then I feel guilty about spending's weird. One of these days I'm going to go on quite the Shopper's Drug Mart shopping spree. 

After taking a few weeks off I participated in Susannah's Solidarity Sisters group this month. I was paired with Shannon from Sincerely Shannon and really enjoyed getting to know her. The month kind of got away from us but I hope we are able to stay in touch and maybe collaborate on something in March.

March Madness. It's happening, not in the traditional college basketball sense (I mean, I know that's happening too but that's not the one I'll be involved with.) My March Madness involves (maybe) my last month of the office job before camp starts (or it could extend into May Madness we'll see how that plays out). Plus, getting back to work on my 52 in 52 list stay tuned for more details on that tomorrow. 

I'm searching for a new notebook and I would really like to find one with a hardcover, spiral bound and it would be great if the pages were grid/graph paper. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? It also needs to exist in Canada because there's no way I'm spending $100 on a notebook which is inevitably what it would cost to order from the states, factor in the exchange rates and pay for shipping. 

The internet is full of Oscar references today and I don't understand any of them. I didn't see a single Oscar nominated movie and I am completely indifferent as to who wore an expensive outfit and took home a little gold man. It's just as well though because it means I will spend less time perusing Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and more time catching up on all the blog posts I missed last week. 

My office job is pretty mundane and I don't interact with clients/customers so I listen to a lot of podcasts as I work. I still love my favourites The Vinyl Cafe and Grown Ups Read Stuff They Wrote As Kids but I've also been branching out and have discovered a few more that are now a must listen. Camp Code fulfils my love of talking about camp while I listen I scribble down ideas or make note of something I want to think about more. Night Time is kind of a fun mystery podcast that shares stories about local mysteries, I originally started listening just for the Oak Island episode but liked it so much I went back and downloaded the other episodes. My most favourite new discovery is Brining Up Betty. It's a podcast targeting towards special needs parents but it is so informative and fun and real. I would love to hear some more podcast recommendations. I like ones that are educational and family friendly (that's my subtle way of saying I don't like listening to people discuss their wild partying adventures). 

Tomorrow I'm getting back on the mostly goal setting wagon! 

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