Wednesday, 14 October 2015

October Currently

Playing... Can't say I'm playing much of anything!
Watching... Mostly documentaries, I've also been watching YouTube videos about Project Life organizing systems.  
Trying... To get organized and research some possibilities. 
Cooking... I've been doing a lot of experimenting with waffles.
Eating... Thanksgiving. Mostly stuffing and gravy with mashed potatoes because that's the best part. 
Drinking... Perrier! And Pepsi Next. 
Calling... Fellow Guiders trying to coordinate camp for this weekend and organize drives/supplies. 
Texting... The usual suspects. H. & R. and J. and N. 
Pinning... Lots of Spark meeting plans.
Tweeting... Is a very rare occurrence. 
Going... Camping this weekend! And I am super excited about it, it'll be cold but also a lot of fun. 
Loving... That I'm going camping this week. The only thing I love more than being outdoors is being outdoors with a bunch of girls who are essentially learning how to camp and enjoy the outdoors.
Hating... That winter is fast approaching. 
Discovering... I'm accustom to planning camp days and camp weeks and while sometimes it can feel like a lot of time to fill with fun. Sparks is only an hour each week and it goes by so fast! I'm discovering time management in shorter length of time is a challenge. 
Thinking...  Life isn't perfect...but I am pretty content with this season of life.
Feeling... A tiny bit overwhelmed but also thankful that I have so many things in my life that make life full.
Hoping (for)... A successful weekend camping trip. 
Listening (to)... The country radio station when I'm driving. Otherwise, not much of anything. 
Celebrating... I spent this weekend celebrating Thanksgiving and after this weekend I'll be planning some little Halloween festivities. 
Smelling... Fall is in the air! This past week the air has really turned crisp and has a chill to it along with leaves and a hint of fog.  
Ordering... I haven't ordered anything lately. Although I would like to enjoy one last iced coffee before it gets real cold.
Thanking... I love October Thanksgiving so I'm thankful I live in Canada. I'm also very thankful to the more senior Guiders who have been there to answer all my questions as I get my little group of Sparks up and running.
Considering... So many things! 
Starting... A lot of different projects! Some are pretty lofty goals, others are a little more short term and just about everything in between. 
Finishing... I've been starting a lot of project lately but I haven't finished many. I am close to finishing my scrapbook for this past summer. 

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