Saturday, 3 October 2015

Solidarity Sister Saturday

Hi, I'm Ashley. I blog over at Keeping Up With Ashley and Cody. I'm super excited to be sharing my life with you today! Leave a comment and I'm sure to say hi! 

1. What made you decide to start blogging?
In 2013 my hubby proposed to me. I was so excited that I wanted to share with my family and friends. All in all i started blogging to do just that. Since then though my blog has expanded to more than I could have ever imagined. Now you will find life happenings, reviews, tutorials, and advice. I strive on community so you will meet a lot of awesome bloggers and get to enter in giveaways monthly.

2. Where do you find encouragement and inspiration?
Very tough question. My encouragement comes from those who read my blog, my lovely sponsors who support my blog, and the blogging community. Yes my hubby supports me, too! My inspiration is fueled by those around me including blogs I love to read and Pinterest finds. My family, friends, and church also give me inspiration in topics and ideas. 

3. What is your favourite thing to snack on while you blog?
When getting ready to write a whole bunch of drafts I like to grab a granola bar or cliff bar along with water or tea! You cannot write on an empty tummy! 

4. What blogging accomplishments make you proud?
Most probably would say followers, however I get all excited when I see active comments. I think it is a great example of community and why it is so important to be a blogger and befriend others.

5. What do you have coming up on the blog in October?
I'm really excited for mid-October when I will be launching some Christmas card templates that will be up for sale! I'm super excited to start planning Christmas cards. This is a ritual for me and my hubby going back to our first year dating! You'll want follow my Etsy shop

6. What is your favorite season? Why?
My favorite season has to be fall. I love the crisp morning weather and fall rain that Oregon gets. This fall hasn't really rained yet, but the leaves are changing colors and the geese are flying south. The holidays and family time are a must for me and Fall provides just that. The happiness and giggles of Halloween and thanksgiving help bring joy to my life. The coming of winter and Christmsd cards feel my house with love and memories from family members. 

7. What is your favorite drink, alcoholic or non?
I'm a novice wine drinker and am loving the white sweet wines, especially Reisling! 

8. If you could be anything, what career would you choose?
I would continue my path of being a teacher. I happiness I feel when I am teaching or helping children is wonderful. I feel I was put on this world to teach. I'm shaping the future and helping bring hope to the children who seem to be left out or pushed away.  

9. If you had to get a pet, would it be a dog or cat?
I have two kitties and I just love them. They snuggle and enjoy attention, but I'm not worried about leaving over night, because they are litter boxed trained and have food. My hubby wants an English Bulldog but the $$$ is like WOW! One day we will own one, but not while I am in school. :)

10. Why did you enjoy the Solidarity Sisters Program?
I joined the program to meet new bloggers and friends. As I am focused on community I find joining swaps and programs like this help connect me with bloggers around the world and in different niches! 

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