Saturday, 25 October 2014

I Heart Books

I've never been able to fully understand people who don't enjoy reading. I was the kid in grade one who was fiercely competitive about having the most books in my reading log. As I got older I was constantly "in trouble" for reading ahead in the book. Reading one or two chapters every night and then putting the book down was not something I had the willpower to accomplish. Unless it was a book I wasn't interested in reading. In that case I simply didn't bother and didn't put down whatever book I was reading outside of class.

I've also never fully understood people who say they can't read the same book twice. Regardless of how much they relate to the characters, enjoy the story and learn from the book once it's read it's read. I read my favourite books at least once a year. And I don't think I've ever read the same book twice. My current life happenings dictate which character I relate to most and how I feel about plots & subplots.

My all time favourite book ever is The Princess Bride and a very close second (and maybe sometimes first) is Stargirl. For anyone who has been shaped by their experiences at summer camp I highly recommend Campingly Yours. I've read a lot of books set at camp and about camp and this is the one that really captures the camp magic.

I've also got a soft spot for children's books. Robert Munsch books are my absolute favourite and someday I hope to have the whole collection.

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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I had to come check your's out and follow you since it is rare to come across someone with the same love for the book Princess Bride!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and commenting! I will definitely have to check out the book Campingly Yours! After working for five summers at a family camp I still have dreams about those times! It is lovely to hear for your love of books - thanks for sharing!

  3. I remember also reading ahead, but not every time, only when it was a book I liked..

    (Catching up on previous posts)