Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Quick Goals Update

You can read about my April Goals back here.

In terms of monthly goals that I accomplished in April...I definitely get full marks for the writing goal I didn't specifically keep track of hours but I had quite a few strings of 7-10 days without missing a day so I'm confident in total it was at least 30 hours, in all reality it could have been more. I'm still working on reading a book, turns out I chose a poorly written book to read and it's taking me three times as long to read it as it would if I was genuinely interested in the plot. I was pretty active on my FitBit, maybe not as active as I would have liked but I hit 10,000 steps at least one day a week and had a few days that were in the 15,000 range. 

May goals are always something I struggle with because it's the time of year when I head off to camp and it's nearly impossible to predict how the summer will play out and what I'll have time to do or want to make time to do. For now I'm going to hold off on the May goals and wait a few weeks to set summer goals that will span the whole season. 

As for my 52 in 52 list, I accomplished quite a bit with that this month!

I am a few hours away from finishing January, February and March of my Project Life album which will essentially bring me up to date since I'm working on it monthly. I am inching closer and closer to filling one of my 3 notebooks for the year. This month I both made eggplant parmesan and tried it for the first time. I need to add everything up but I know I'm close to approaching 10 out of 12 new foods to try, my new recipes are a lagging behind and standing around 6 out of 12 and after last week's trip to visit Holly I am pretty sure I have visited a full 12 out of 12 new restaurants. 

After that trip I can also check off visiting a bunch of museums and of course another province (more on the whole trip tomorrow). 

2016 has been a terrible year for accomplishing monthly goals but I am loving my 52 in 52 approach. It really has helped motivate me to try new things and as the year goes by I'm finding it getting easier and easier to stay motivated because I want to accomplish everything on the list.

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