Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Losing Your Niche

When I first started blogging I immediately found myself surrounded by dozens of bloggers who were in the same stage of life. They had just finished university/college and were entering the grown up world or they were a year or two into their first grown up job and a few were still in school figuring out what it was they were going to do when they graduated.

Fast forward four years later and all those bloggers have either stopped blogging or have started blogging in a different niche. They've become wedding bloggers, mommy bloggers, fitness bloggers, blogger bloggers and while I still enjoy reading some of those blogs it's become more about the blogger than their content. 

All that to say that lately blogland has been a lonely place. And I'm not really sure what comes next. 
I don't particularly feel like abandoning the blog and I have no plans to start blogging about blogging, fitness, parenting or marriage. 

It's about this time of year when my blogging gets put way, way, way back on my priority list because there's so much to do surrounding camp and then of course once I get to camp the internet is pretty spotty. 

I'm not too sure what the point of this post is but I felt like I needed to write something and share a little bit about where my head is right now. 

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