Monday, 28 March 2016

March Currently

The first part of March was pretty straight forward. I worked a bunch of overtime at the office job and worked on a handful of things for camp in my spare time. And then last week things took a little turn (hopefully for the better) and now life is a little more uncertain. 

Reading... Month after month I seem to fail at reading anything that isn't a news article, Buzzfeed list, blog post or Instagram caption. I can't even come up with an excuse this month and it makes me sad to think about all the reading I'm not doing.
Playing... Occasionally 1010! 
Watching... I jumped back on the Big Brother Canada bandwagon this season, but now I've sort of fallen off. The contestants throw a lot of tantrums and I just can't watch that kind of nonsense. I have been keeping up with Criminal Minds, although I'm not sure I like what's happening there either. 
Trying... To pace myself. I worked a lot this month and my inner introvert felt a little neglected.
Cooking... Nothing too fancy this month. This month my best meal discovery has been a pita with chipotle mayo, cucumber, cheese, red onion and chicken cooked in a sweet & spicy sauce. 
Eating... This month there has been a lot of bagels, yogurt, crackers, bananas. Basically I've been eating like a toddler. The last week I've been getting my act together and returning to meal planning. 
Drinking... Lots of water with cucumber and/or lime, a cup of coffee to start the day and a glass of pop every now and then.
Calling... The dreaded Guiding related phone calls in an attempt to coordinate various schedules and activities. 
Texting... The usual crew. H., R., J. and N.. Sometimes the ladies I carpool with to work. 
Pinning... I didn't do a lot of pinning this month, occasionally some ideas for theme days at camp and little staff moral boosters. 
Tweeting... Mostly just the automatic tweet from Bloglovin' when a post is published.
Going... Hopefully to visit H., however we don't have an end date for work yet. We've been extended so I'll be working past March 31st but we haven't been given a new contract yet, which is incredibly annoying but I'm trying to be patient.
Loving... Daylight!! Saturday I looked outside at 7:33 p.m. and it was still daylight out, which is purely magical.  
Hating... "Work uncertainties. I like to have a plan, complete with specific dates. "You're being extended until sometime towards the end of April" does not make for a good planning base." is what I wrote on March I'm starting to recognize the work uncertainty might just be working in my favour. 
Discovering... Life plans can change pretty quickly.
Thinking... My mind has been very busy lately. There's a lot of stuff going on up there, which has lead to a lot of motivation to write and colour. 
Feeling... Sleepy. And also hopeful and optimistic. 
Hoping (for)... I'm going to go ahead and be a little vague here but I'm hoping for a big change in April. 
Listening (to)... Podcasts! My favourites are Bringing Up Betty, Stuff You Missed in History Class and Camp Code
Celebrating... Easter! 
Smelling... Spring! There have been a handful of days this month where I've been able to open the windows and let in some fresh air. 
Ordering... I do a lot of browsing but not a lot of ordering. 
Thankful for... Family, Friends, Cats, Community, Creativity, Education...
Considering... In this moment I'm considering if I want to shower & get into bed or get out my colouring book and let my mind relax a little more before sleep. 
Starting... To get back into a routine. Working overtime messed with my groove and now that's over I'm reclaiming my leisure time, making meal plans and generally returning to a more well rounded life. 
Finishing... I can't think of anything really noteworthy I finished this month. 

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