Friday, 28 August 2015

Weekly Favourites

It's Friday! Time to celebrate some of my favourite things from this past week!

Starbucks Lime Refreshers I've only had the instant make at home version of these because the nearest Starbucks is 6 hours away but even out of a box these things are delicious. I've been scouring Pinterest for an easy (and cheaper) copycat recipe. Until I find that recipe I'll continue to splurge on a box of these things every once and a while. 

Girl Guides. I had to take the last two years off from doing Girl Guides because of work but this year I'm hoping to get involved with a unit again. I love that Girl Guides is a Girl's Only group that has a great balance of outdoor activities, STEM activities and still leaves room for more girly activities. It's the best combination of so many of the things I love. 

The East Coast. I love my little corner of the universe. At one point this week I found myself sitting at the beach eating a donut and I was overcome with both the sterotypicalness of the moment but also the awesomeness. The truth is I forget sometimes that not everyone grows up surrounded by water. I love that everywhere is a small town by most people's standards and there really isn't any other place I'd rather live.

Papermate Flair Felt Tip Pens. I love these pens. I bought myself a fresh package of them yesterday after the summer. Mine are either all dried up or gone forever after being borrowed and never returned by counsellors. I'm excited to use them to write out some Pinterest recipes and make them a more permanent part of my recipe repertoire.

Leisurely Grocery Shopping. Sometimes I can feel my blood pressure drop and my whole body relax as I leisurely stroll through the aisles of the grocery store. I love checking out new products or finding not-so new products. Yesterday I discovered one of my favourite coffee shops from university has started making pods for Keurigs. I am super excited to try these out and see how they taste!

My ultimate favourite thing is who incredibly blessed I am to have some amazing friends. It's always a struggle that they all live so far away, especially this time of year when I'm re-adjusting to life without them. The better way to look at it though is how fortunate I am to have those girls in my life. Even if they're spread out all across the country. They're only a text or call away!

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