Friday, 31 July 2015

Coffee Chat July

This is what my desk looked like Thursday morning (Day 7 of our camp session). To quell any confusion about the Starbucks cup on my desk, it's a travel mug, the nearest Starbucks to camp is 2.5 hours away. On this particular morning my desk was covered with a travel mug of coffee, Finding Nemo DVD from movie night, my work computer, my personal computer, a list of campers who ordered t-shirts and photos, a list of things I needed to get done and a pile of homemade crayons that needed to be distributed to the campers who made them. 

The month of July seems to have gone by in a flash. There are only two more sessions of camp left which means in less than a month another summer will be in the books. If we're going to meet for coffee this month you'll have to come to me. Hopefully the weather would cooperate and we could sip our coffee down on the dock. 

I'd tell you that the past few weeks have been full of high highs and low lows. There are moments when everything is going perfect and I feel incredibly blessed to get to work here. Then there are moments when the group collectively forgets to tell anyone we're running low on toilet paper...and then bursts into the office at 7:30 a.m. to declare that the entire camp is out of toilet paper except for one roll in each of the cabins...and so an emergency town trip was made for toilet paper. 

If we were meeting for coffee I'd tell you about all the things I have written under the "To Blog About" heading in my planner. I'd give you a list of all the books I've read this summer and ask for your opinions. I'd gush about how in love I am with the new planner I bought that goes from August 2015-December 2016. I'd tell you that I've discovered a love for puzzles and I've found a new hair product that is making life a lot easier.

I'm still worried about what happens in September when camp ends. Except that I don't really have time to be worried about it so it's like a little mosquito buzzing in my ear. I should probably get back in the habit of setting monthly goals but I haven't given any August Goals any thought. I'd love to get back to my old eating habits and I'm dying to make blogging a daily habit but neither of those things are realistic until August 23rd when camp is officially over for the summer. And at that point it's just as well to call them September goals. 

I'd love to stay and keep chatting but I'm off to the city for a couple of days with H. & R.. And hopefully that means that a real life Starbucks/Second Cup coffee is in my near future. 

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