Thursday, 30 July 2015

Blogging Elite Summer Swap

There are a million and one lists on my list of things to blog about and I have every intention of sharing them all with you at some point or another but right now I need to tell the world about another awesome swap I participated in with the Blogging Elite.

I was paired with Sacha over at Reloved Life. Sacha is phenomenally crafty and her blog is full of creative inspiration. I consider myself a pretty crafty person but I've got nothing on Sacha. Her blog also has lots of content about her own life plus some helpful hints about living a healthy lifestyle. I also LOVE that Sacha also lives in Canada. It's so rare to find a fellow Canadian in the vast blogsphere. 

My box was literally bursting with awesome summery things! Everything was so thoughtful including tea, supplies for s'mores and some great crafting materials. It's hard to choose a favourite thing but the mug is so perfect! I'm not sure if you can see it in the photo but it's a canoeing mug, which is totally awesome. I can't wait to drink a cup of tea out of the mug and scribble some thoughts in my notebook!

P.S. I was hopping to share some more close up photos but the internet decided to let me upload that one and that was all. Have I mentioned yet how hard it is to blog without good internet!? 

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