Thursday, 2 April 2015

Liebster Award

I was nominated for a Liebster Award by Brooke over at Bye, Comparison. Which was perfect timing because I saw the nomination just as I was pondering what to blog about today! Brooke asked me eleven questions which I will do my best to answer.

The rule is that I'm supposed to nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers. After a quick search through my feed I discovered that apparently I don't follow many blogs that have under 200 followers. So I'm going to go ahead and share this on the Blogging Elite page and if you'd like to answer the questions at the end of this post, I'd love to read your answers!

The Questions

How did you decide on the title of your blog, and what's it about?
The first step I took when naming was blog was writing down a bunch of words that I loved and that made me happy. Rainy days are my favourite but 'rainy' didn't have a good ring do it and 'rubber boots' was far too wordy so I stumbled upon 'Galoshes'. I knew I needed something else and I anticipated blogging about my faith so I wanted to incorporate that into the name of my blog. I liked the alliteration of Grace & Galoshes and that it encompassed my favourite things, reflected a love of the outdoors and hinted at my faith. I've never once regretted my choice or felt the need to 're-brand' my blog name!

Where does your blogging inspiration come from?
I can't say inspiration comes from one particular place. Sometimes I write about my daily life, other times I blog about my faith. Occasionally I share my photography, kitchen adventures, arts & crafts projects and antedotes about working with children and youth at summer camp.  

Can you give me 11 random facts about yourself?
- I love baby names! I love knowing how people chose their children's names, how they got their names and what names they like, I used to be a member of an active forum that was all about discussing names!
- I hate trendy diets. I am a firm believer that everything in moderation and you'll never convince me eating soy burgers and vegan 'cheese' is healthier for me than a steak or a piece of cheddar. Ingredient lists shouldn't have big words. Even better if the food doesn't have an ingredient list.
- I don't really like plain hamburgers, if I'm going to eat a hamburger I really want it to be a bacon cheeseburger. 
- I am a pretty decent canoeist and am certified to teach canoeing within camps across my province.
- McDonald's ice coffee is far superior to any other iced coffee. (Although I haven't experienced Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee which multiple people have assured me is the absolute best.)
- I feel really passionately about doing something as a career that helps people.
- I can't sleep unless I'm covered with blankets. 
- I have boxes full of old journals and notebooks filled with my writing taking up an insane amount of space in my closet.
- The concept of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on a wedding is mind boggling to me. 
- I love having a plan for the day and thrive off being prepared & organized.
- I am all about lip chaps and sometimes glosses but I cannot get on board with lipstick. I hate the way it feels on my lips!

What is something you've been loving lately?
Salted Carmel! I just saw Dairy Queen now has a salted carmel truffle blizzard and I don't frequent DQ at all but I'm totally going to stop by and try the salted carmel blizzard! I've also been attempting to cut down on my pop drinking. On average I probably drink close to a glass a day, which isn't terrible but I know it's not great. I've started drinking sparkling water and it's totally becoming an obsession. It satisfies by craving for something different than regular water on my taste buds but doesn't have all the added colours and chemicals of Coke. 

What is it you love most about blogging?
I love that it gives me an outlet to write and I love meeting people who are in similar life stages. 

If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
I'm a believer in the superstition that if you tell your wishes they won't come true! So I'll be keeping these to myself. :)

What is one country in the world would you like to visit? Why?
I would love to go to Poland (with stops in some other European countries) and explore World War 2 historical sites.

What are you currently watching or reading?
I've been watching Full House on Netflix and have totally been sucked into Hockey Wives. As for reading one of my goals for April is to put a huge dent in my reading list.

What is the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you (that isn't too embarrassing to share)
I constantly feel embarrassed. And I try really hard not to dwell on those moments because they increase my anxiety and nothing good happens after that. Kudos to those of you that can share your stories and laugh about them later but it isn't something I do.

What would be the nicest thing someone could do for you?
I am all about little gestures. And I hate asking people to do things so when people do nice things without asking it's immensely appreciated. The most recent example of this is J. moving my car when an unexpected on street parking ban was announced and leaving a slice of pizza on the passenger seat for me to eat after work. 

If your 5-years-ago self could see you now, what would surprise her the most about your life right now?
I think 20 year old Donna would be surprised 25 year old Donna does not have it all together. On the flip side of that 25 year old Donna is shocked and amused that 20 year old Donna was under the impression all 25 year olds have their lives together!

Instructions for Nominees:
Answer the eleven questions given to you by the person that nominated you (see below).
Please comment on this post with your link when you are done so I can see your answers!
In your post, link back to the person/blog who nominated you and give a little thank you shout out.
After completing the questions, nominate 11 bloggers with under 200 followers on the social media platform of your choice, and give them eleven questions of your choice.
Notify your nominees of their nomination, and provide a link to your post so that they know what to do.
Here are your questions:
  1. What is your favourite pair of shoes?
  2. If you were planning a road trip where would you travel?
  3. How old were you when you learned how to drive?
  4. How many hours of sleep do you get each day?
  5. What made you decide to start blogging?
  6. What is your favourite Disney (or cartoon) move?
  7. What culture would you like to experience for yourself?
  8. Which celebrity would you like to ban from pop culture?
  9. Where do you keep your most prized possession? 
  10. What is your go to order at your favourite fast food restaurant? 
  11. How do you take your coffee?
Let me know if you answer the questions so I can visit your blog and check out the answers!

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