Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Weekend Love

I officially love Four Day Weekends. 

Friday my day started with a trip to the nursing home with J. and his family to celebrate his great grandmother's 92nd birthday. It wasn't anything elaborate but I enjoyed eating cake & ice cream and chatting with his family. When we left the home we headed to Easter Dinner #1 at J.'s parents. Even though it was Good Friday they had a big turkey dinner that day because J.'s sister had to head back to university Sunday morning. While we were waiting for supper to cook we were entertained watching a group of deer that were hanging out in the backyard. 

Saturday I had a really low key day. I woke up feeling really well rested and felt totally relaxed and fulfilled as I drank my coffee and ate my breakfast while reading through so many blog posts about 'Silent Saturday'. This is definitely this first year I've done any reflecting about Saturday as a waiting day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I spent a lot of time journalling and I finally joined the She Reads Truth bandwagon. I'm still on the hunt for a new Bible though. I would love something soft cover, with margins and I'd like it to be around $20-$30. Almost all of the ones I've seen on line have been well over $50 and that's just too far out of my budget.

Since we had Easter dinner with J.'s parents on Friday he joined my family for our Easter dinner on Sunday. I did J. up a little Easter basket using a baking dish instead of a basket because I knew he needed a new one. There wasn't anything super elaborate inside, chocolate, chips, gum, his favourite protein bar, sunscreen and a few travel sized toiletries he can use during our trip. I was pretty happy with how it turned out. This was J.'s first time meeting my extended family and it was nice that it happened over a meal. We had birthday cake for dessert as a belated birthday celebration for my grandfather. I had my camera and planned to go for a walk after we ate to take some photos but it was so bitterly cold outside that it turned into a pretty short walk. There wasn't much to take photos of anyway. Everything is still covered in snow and ice. I heard on the radio last week that based on the mathematical equation for figuring out snow melt we can expect to see snow on the ground until May 18...

I also accomplished one of my April Goals and revamped my blogs About Me page. I'm really pleased with the change. I will probably tweak a few things about it over the next little while but it's a big improvement on what used to be there and I'd love for you to check it out and tell me what you think! Today I'm working on crossing off some things on my pre-camp list such as making a Facebook group for the staff and sending out an email to introduce myself to the new counsellors. Nothing strenuous but it's nice to have an extra day to focus on that kind of stuff. 

I'm linking up here & here to share my weekend! 

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