Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Favourites : Summer Camp Edition

Heidi Ho Blog Readers! (I have no idea why I felt the overwhelming need to start this post with that greeting but I'm embracing it, and you should too.) In celebration of being at camp for the summer I've gathered up a few of my favourite summer camp related lists and pins and songs and quotes that make me grin from ear to ear every time I read them. 

63 Signs You Were A Summer Camp Counsellor  is top of my list. You can tell that the person who wrote it gets camp. And it makes me extra excited that although I'm somewhat removed from the world of being a counsellor, there are a lot of things on that list that still apply to me as a "camp professional" with the added bonus that many of things on that list don't fall into the nostalgic folders of my mind but in the things that are still part of my job category. And for that I am forever grateful. 


Ah yes…the post-camp clean up. And no matter how well you think the campers' helped sweep their cabin and triple checked that there were no socks under the bed it wasn't well enough. Same goes for counsellors…you might assume post arts & crafts the counsellors will get a cloth and wipe the paint off the tables but that assumption would be incorrect. 


I adore this photo. I found it on Pinterest and I can't seem to find the original source…just a rabbit hole of pins and Tumblrs. Campfires are one of my absolute favourite things about camp and I've been snapping lots of fire pictures every chance I get. One of my goals for the summer is to get the perfect one.


Speaking of Tumblrs Camp Confessions is one of my favourites. They are spot on, especially this one. Camp Fashion is the best fashion. The other day I went into town wearing leggings (stained with bright red paint from the tractor), a tie-dye tank top, a navy blue staff hoodie from 2008 splattered with bleach stains and a camouflage ball cap. I rounded out the look with my bright pink rain boots.

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