Thursday, 15 May 2014

Happy Summer Camp Eve!

There may be a frost warning in effect for the next couple of nights, temperatures below 0 and snow on the ground but all the same my bags are packed and this time tomorrow I will be on the road towards camp! 

Myself and the Camp Director are heading up tomorrow for a week of cleaning and opening camp, the four head counsellors arrive on Thursday for a couple of days of leadership training before the rest of the counsellors arrive on Saturday evening for a week of staff training. Our first session of campers happens the first week of June and even though that seems so far away right now I know it's just around the corner. 

I'm a weird mix of nerves and excitement. There are a lot of contributing factors. One of the main ones is that odds are this will be my last summer at this particular camp and it will almost certainly be the last summer working with this specific staff team. On the flip side I'm feeling a lot less overwhelmed about the summer than I have in the past.

I still have a lot of things on my to do list for the day but I'm not really worried about getting them all done. Yesterday I made an impromptu trip to town for shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, toothpaste - all the exciting things. I did snag a pair of $6 aviators from the little boys' department of Wal-Mart. There are a lot of downsides to being petite but being able to buy things from kids' departments is not one of them!

I've reached the stage in the packing process where I start to panic that I'm forgetting something important. To counteract that feeling I just start throwing anything and everything into my bags "just in case" regardless of the likelihood I will be in need of multiple pairs of black panty hose or a pair of high heels over the next few weeks.

I am off to spend the next few hours eating my last pre-camp meal (it's pizza, duh) and strategically loading things into my car and putting the finishing touches on my road trip playlist.

I have a post scheduled for tomorrow but it will be a while before the internet gets hooked up at camp and probably even longer before I have an hour to sit down and write something worth publishing!

Until then, send your sunny weather my way and extra prayers of a summer full of love, happiness and no trips to the emergency room!

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  1. Being able to buy stuff in the kids department is definitely a bonus! I've found some really great and cheap stuff in the Old Navy and Kohl's kids clearance departments!