Monday, 26 May 2014

And Then...On The Bright Side

Years from now when I reminisce on the summer of 2014 "and then" will be a heavily used phrase. Since we arrived last Friday it has literally been one thing after another. We've had 4 staff quit at the last minute (one at 6:20 a.m. on the first day of staff training) and one just didn't bother to show up…we've e-mailed and phoned and left messages for her but so far no response. We're pretty sure that at this point we can assume she quit and just didn't tell anyone but it's still a mystery.

Aside from all the staff stuff it has been bitterly cold. And while the East Coast of Canada isn't known for it's tropical climate as a general rule it does get warmer than 10 degrees by the end of May. I've been sleeping with my heat on 20 wearing a sweater and multiple pairs of pants and layers of blankets to stay warm. 

Through in some building repairs that need to be made after an exceptionally snowy winter and a broken kitchen appliance and you have a full recipe for a whole lot of chaos and a much more stressful start to the summer than anyone was prepared for.

The good news is that amid all the chaos I have gotten to practice with my camera on a bunch of different occasions. I've decided that escaping from the fast-paced camp world even just for 15 minutes by stopping to take photos of flowers or grabbing my camera and shooting the sunset is going to be my go to stress reliever this year. So maybe that means more consistent blog posts? I'm not making any promises though, especially considering it's past midnight and I have words typed up and one photo watermarked but I kind of wanted to to share a few more photos and write some more words…I would also really like to get more than six hours of sleep. 

The moral of the story is I'm still here, making an effort to document the summer as often as possible. 

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  1. we FINALLY had nice weather here in toronto - as in temps hitting 27-30 since saturday and it's been glorious!! as in everyone has been outside soaking up the sun as much as possible because we don't know when it'll go away.

    great pic :)

    Vodka and Soda