Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Food Friends

One of the things I want to do before I'm 25 is try 10 new foods. This may not sound like a huge feat so some of you but like I've said before I'm a "picky" eater. So trying new foods can be a source of anxiety for me I've been doing really good though! I wish I'd been keeping better track of it but in the past few months I've tried (and even embraced) four new foods.

I didn't have any strong feelings against zucchini, but I just couldn't imagine it tasting any good. It doesn't have a delicious smell and people seem to spend an awful lot of time "hiding" it in recipes. I was at a friend's house for supper though and she made pasta with roasted zucchini so I bravely tried some and was pleasantly surprised! Since then I've had it roasted a few more times and as a topping on greek pizza!

Black Olives
Again, a food I just assumed I didn't like. And they haven't made in on any favourites lists but I've had them on pizza a couple of times and in small quantities (i.e. Greek pizza) I can tolerate them. I think I could also eat a few in a salad but I haven't actually done that yet. 

(Roasted) Red Peppers
I hate green peppers. They are the worst. And up until recently red peppers were just as bad. The thing is though I love all things chipotle and the manufactures and recipe makers of dips, sauces ect. have decided that roasted red peppers and chipotle need to be together. So I've learned to tolerate it. I still don't think I "like" red peppers (especially in stir fry or as a raw veggie) but I can handle the taste of it if it happens to be paired with something I really like eating. 

I've never had a problem with ketchup or tomato sauce and even salsa was on the eat list.

What new foods have you tried lately? Any recommendations?

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