Thursday, 28 January 2016

January Currently

Reading... I just finished The Princess Diaries : Royal Wedding by Meg Cabot. I love Princess Mia. Amelia is one of my favourite names because of that character. I loved 'catching up' with Mia through this book, it was a light read but I enjoyed it all the same. 
Playing... I downloaded a game called '1010' and it was a great find. It's similar to Tetris (which I love) but has a little twist to it. 
Watching... The Curse of Oak Island! It's the one show that I make sure I'm up to date with each week. I've also been following Top Chef. 
Trying... To eat more veggies and drink more water. 
Cooking... Chicken, rice, veggies, pasta. Nothing too fancy this month. I do have ingredients to make Thai Chicken soup over the weekend, so hopefully that goes well. 
Eating... I've perfected the baked potato so I've been eating those pretty frequently.  
Drinking... I've always been under the impression green tea is gross, it turns out while regular green tea isn't my jam, ginger green tea is delicious! So I've been drinking lots of that. Along with water and the occasional pop. 
Calling... Nobody! Which is great, I hate calling people. 
Texting... The usual crew. H., R., J. and N.. Sometimes the ladies I carpool with to work. 
Pinning... I didn't too much pinning this month. Now that I'm officially decided about camp (more on that later) I'm sure I will be pinning camp things soon. 
Tweeting... Nothing too exciting. 
Going... back to camp! 
Loving... R. gave me a Five Year Journal for Christmas and it's so great. I haven't missed a day yet which makes me very happy. And also carpooling to work because it eliminates the parking game (for the most part). 
Hating... Winter. 
Discovering... Turns out I'm actually a Disney World fan and it is true that you can throughly enjoy the experience even if you don't do rides. 
Thinking... I'm starting to feel more organized and on task, which is a great day in my books. 
Feeling... content, inspired and optimistic. 
Hoping (for)... time this weekend to work on blog posts, make valentine's for the Sparks and a quick and painless Guider meeting on Sunday. 
Listening (to)... I'm years behind the bandwagon, but I listened to the first season of Serial!
Celebrating... My birthday...sort of, I worked on my birthday so it mostly involved J. brining me chicken strips for supper and a weekend Skype date with H. & R.. I save the big celebrating for my half birthday in July. 
Smelling... A B&BW candle called 'Winter Sunshine' or something along those lines, it's yellow and I'm a fan. 
Ordering... Maybe some new books. I have a gift card from Christmas that I think I'll use to invest in a few things off my reading list. 
Thankful for... all the F's, food, family, friends, faith.
Considering... a trip to visit H. either in the spring or during a break this summer depending on how long my current work contract lasts. 
Starting... to think about camp and 
Finishing... Right now I need to finish getting ready for work. 

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