Tuesday, 26 January 2016

52 in 52 January Progress

I started off the year with some lofty goals. Fifty two of them to be exact, one for each week of the year. January is almost over so I thought I'd do an update about what I was able to accomplish this month. 
  1. Complete 12 months of Project Life. (0/12) I'm on track with this but I won't get to cross one month off just yet. Since I'm doing Project Life monthly I won't start working on January until the first week of February. 
  2. Document my One Little Word for the whole year. Making decent progress on this one as well. I did 75% of the January prompts, I got a little off track when I went away but I'll catch up. 
  3. Read 52 Books. (1/52) Not such good progress... 
  4. Fill three Notebooks. (0/3) I either need to start writing a whole lot more or adjust my goal. 
  5. Try 12 new foods. (2/12) Nothing too exotic but while I was travelling I had my first ever hushpuppy (delicious) and I also tried biscuits with sausage gravy. That was a weird experience, it was good, but it didn't feel like something I should be eating for brunch. 
  6. Cook 12 new recipes. (0/12) I bought all the ingredients to make Thai Chicken Soup but I haven't actually made it yet. 
  7. Try 12 new restaurants. (0/12) OK, so when I made this I wasn't really thinking about my trip. Technically while travelling I visited at least six new restaurants, that feels a little like cheating though? When I first wrote this challenge I was thinking about trying one new local place each month. So by those rules I'm 1/12 since I went to a local coffee place this month. What are your thoughts? Should I could places I went while travelling or stick to exploring more local places? 
  8. Spent 10 nights sleeping in a tent. (0/10) 
  9. Visit six museums/National Historic Sites.(0/6) 
  10. Participate in a "Photo A Day" Challenge. - I think February is going to be the month for this! It's a short month so I can get it done and then maybe do another one in the summer. 
  11. Add a stamp to my passport.  Florida - January 6 - 16
  12. Plant a garden.
  13. Write a "1000 Gifts" inspired list. 
  14. Invest in a custom piece of jewelry. 
  15. Mail Valentine's Day Cards.- I made a list of everyone who I want to send a card to, which is the first step. 
  16. Mail Christmas Cards. 
  17. Mail post cards during a vacation. I totally forgot this was on the list. #oops
  18. Publish 152 blog posts. (5/152) January was a slow month. I was travelling for close to two weeks and didn't blog during that whole time. 
  19. Take a photography or cooking class.
  20. Volunteer for a total of 52 hours. (0/52) This one is tricky too. I need to make up some rules about what I'm going to count as volunteer hours and what I'm not. 
  21. Visit another province. *Technically I spent the night in Ottawa, Ontario...but I'm holding off on crossing this one of just yet. Hopefully I'll visit another province and spend time in more than a hotel. 
  22. Buy fresh flowers 'just because'.
  23. Write the rough draft of a novel.
  24. See my blog reach 100 followers.
  25. Watch 12 TED talks. (0/12)
  26. Read the Bible cover to cover.
  27. Complete 12 Pinterest Projects. (0/12)
  28. See a play.
  29. Complete six jigsaw puzzles. (0/6)
  30. Sew all my patches on to my camp blanket. 
  31. Save $2 each week and use it to celebrate completing all 52 things.  Technically haven't done this yet...but I have been putting all my change into a piggy bank. 
  32.  Attend an NHL game.  Pittsburgh Penguins vs Tampa Bolts, January 15, 2016
  33. Have a girls' weekend.
  34. Choose a good habit to start during Lent.
  35. Build a snowman.
  36. Complete two "Day in the Life" posts. (0/2)
  37. Invest in an external hard drive and back up my photos.
  38. Visit a Farmer's Market 6 times. (0/6)
  39. Purposely learn something new everyday for a week.
  40. Watch a fireworks display. You would think I would have crossed this off at Disney, except I also forgot this was on the list...
  41. Meditate once a day for a week. (0/7)
  42. Complete a crossword puzzle without help from Google.
  43. Listen to a full album of classical music.
  44. Do the Clean Sweep test and improve my score in six months. 
  45. Watch the sunrise. 
  46. Spend an hour outdoors in silence. 
  47. Try three different types of wine. (0/3)
  48. Enjoy a guilt free afternoon nap.
  49. Join a club.
  50. Enjoy a bonfire with friends.
  51. Follow through with decluttering and the KonMari method.
  52. Make cards using my photos/scrapbooking stash and sell them. 
All this considered I'm satisfied with my progress this month. There are a few things that I totally could have done if I had of remembered they were on this list. I need to print out a copy and keep it somewhere handy!

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