Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Show & Tell Tuesday {Love Story}

Sticking with the spirit of Valentine's Day I'm linking up with Momfessionals today for Show & Tell Tuesday to share my love story. I'll preface this post by saying J. and I have been "official" for a little over than 3 months. We went on a few dates prior to being in a relationship which brings us up to about 4.5 months and we've been working together since October. All that to say our love story is still in the beginning chapters. I think it's still worth documenting though, we've still got a lot of dating ahead of us before any sort of engagement or wedding chapter is written but I thought I'd share the story of how we started dating, especially since it was during a blogging break.

When I started the job at my current office my expectation was I would have a steady job until spring and the contract would allow me to return to camp in the summer. I wasn't interested in making friends other than what I would describe as 'work aquaintences', my priority was to do my job and once the contract ended move on. Within the first few weeks the guy whose desk was diagonally across from mine would make casual conversation with me during our breaks. We discovered we had some mutual friends and we had actually gone to the same high school but neither of us remembered the other. That may not sound like a big deal, but our high school had about 900 students from grade 10-12, even if you didn't know everyone you at least recognized them. J. was in the grade ahead of me so we were in the same school for two years, but neither one of us have any recognition of the other during high school. 

He was very consistent with making conversation with me when he had the chance but I really wasn't interested in a relationship. There was nothing about him that really stood out to me, sure he was nice and seemed like he could be interested in me but again, I wasn't looking for a relationship. And if I was looking for a relationship it would be one that had long term potential. J. didn't necessarily strike me as someone who thought about long term relationships.

That changed when one day we were chatting during break, he asked about my favourite movies and the conversation progressed in a direction that lead to me asking him if he had a favourite Disney movie. His response will go down in history as "the moment I knew". He told me that he didn't really have one (my first thought = deal breaker) because he doesn't remember them very well. At which point I must have made a disapproving face because he elaborated. He refuses to re-watch the classic Disney movies from childhood because he was waiting until he had kids of his own. He wanted to be able to watch those movies with his kids because it (re-)watching for the first time would be more special and something to share opposed to showing a future child a movie he'd already watched a million times. 

I could have melted. It was the sweetest thing I'd ever heard someone say and of course I loved that he clearly thought about the future in a meaningful way. It wasn't until a week later that he asked for my number. We texted for another week or two continuing to get to know each other, as it turned out we had quite a few similar interests, beliefs and long term goals. He finally asked me on a date mid-Novemeber. Originally we had planned on going out to eat but the day didn't go quite as planned and we ended up hanging out at his place and watching 'Cops'. The next two weekends we went on "real dates". We had previously agreed that we enjoyed hanging out with each other but didn't want to start a relationship while we were stilly working together, luckily his contract ended in December and shortly after that he asked me to be his girlfriend. 

Maybe not the most romantic or extravagant meeting that's ever happened but its ours, and I'm kind of partial to it. Now head on over to Momfessionals and link up your own love story so I can read them while I sip my coffee on this cold winter day!

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