Wednesday, 4 February 2015

An Airing of Grievances

This is the first cold/flu season since I was a teenager that I haven't been around little kids. My work schedule doesn't allow me to volunteer in the evenings with Girl Guides and my job has nothing to do with children. The logical assumption would be that I would be in tip top health. That assumption is incorrect. The combination of central air system, carpeting and dusty files has resulted in me being a steady stream of sick this winter.

A sick me, is a cranky me which means I've got lots of complaining confessing to do this week.

I usually avoid taking medicine for common colds but I have a brutal cough so I've been taking cough medicine steady so as to not drive my co-workers crazy with the cough. Because I'm on a short term contract, I don't have any sick days so I'm forced to fill myself with cold meds and cough drops and anything else that might help me get through my shift.

At one point last week my purse resembled a small illegal pharmacy. Cold medication, sinus medication, cough syrup, cough drops, throat lozenges, regular Tylenol, Aleve...Don't worry, I wasn't taking it all at once, just enough to get me through work. 

Why can't the powers that be make a cough medicine that doesn't taste absolutely disgusting? Cough drops come in all sorts of nice flavours but cough medicine comes in orange and cherry. Neither of which taste anything like oranges or cherries.

I am done with winter. It's cold and snowy and every time the sun comes out and I can start to see grass it storms again.

I would like to do yoga, go for long walks, drink tons of water and eat veggies and balanced meals. Except that it's cold outside so all I feel motivated to do is watch Netflix and eat #stormchips.

Last night I decided to have "Snacks for Supper". Instead of eating my usual chicken, rice & veggies I was feeling too sick to do any real food prep so I ate a banana, yogurt, granola bar, fruit snacks and crackers. It was a poor choice and I need to accept the fact I am someone who needs to eat actual meals.

Sometimes I feel like the only female between the ages of 20-40 who has never watched an episode of Girls and (based on the handful of interviews I've seen) finds Lena Dunham incredibly annoying.

This past weekend in the midst of being sick and feeling miserable J. made a comment about missing him and I then proceeded to burst into tears because it made me think about how much I miss. H. & R.. It was not a proud moment in my life or my relationship, but I haven't seen either of them since the end of August. As steady as our group iMessage is updated and as frequent as our Skype dates are, it's still hard to be apart. Especially when we experience exciting stuff or sad stuff or stuff in general. I miss my friends. 

The last two mornings I've been forced out of bed to answer the phone only to have a call centre/scam artist greet me on the other end. This morning was my favourite after informing the person on the other end of the phone that I did not own any Windows operating systems, I use Apple products she hung up on me.

I didn't set any January goals or February goals. I don't plan to, the goal is to make it through winter.

In this moment making it through winter means drinking some coffee, eating some lunch, preparing something for supper and doing my very best not to cough up a lung. 

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  1. Hahah about your purse looking like a pharmacy. That is right where I am right now. I have at least 2 tissue boxes on my desk at all times and my boss literally made me call into a meeting even though I was a cube away since she didn't want me sneezing on her. Can they come up with the cure for the common cold yet?

  2. We have been passing the sickness around at our house and it is getting old. I am stuck around kids pretty often since my son goes to pre-k and I swear it has been a constant sickness for the past two or three months. Ugh. I am so over it. I also have been wanting to go run but the rainy weather keeps me indoors and makes me want to take a nap instead ha ha.

  3. You're not alone. I've never seen Girls, nor have I really wanted to. Most of the time, I find myself wanting to smack Lena Dunham.

  4. You might be confused for the next Walter White or Jesse Pinkman with that stash! And rest assured you are not the only girl between 20-40 who hasn't seen Girls... I don't even know what the premise is . . . Aaand, I HATE HATE HATE the windows people who call saying your computer is emitting a signal that your firewall is compromised... oh and their names are usually John Peterson who sounds like they are calling from somewhere in India. I usually mess with them, feigning great technological incompetency to frustrate them cuz I'm mean like that. :D

  5. My purse is always a pharmacy. I get it from my mom, I swear.
    I am also a person who 1- has never seen Girls (as I never get control over the remote), 2- MUST eat MEALS.. and they must be timely too. Too late and I get the hangar something fierce and no one likes Hangry Megan.