Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Today's post is brought to you by my desire to keep up the posting momentum, not having anything specific I want to share and a lot of random thoughts swirling around in my head.

I'll start off by confessing that in the last three weeks I've developed a love for Oprah. It started innocently enough by catching "Where Are They Now?" consistently Saturday mornings as I drank my coffee. And then I watched an episode of Super Soul Sunday with Timothy Shriver. And she's been doing a lot of press lately for Selma. And then I found myself watching OWN more and more, and now I find myself totally fascinated with her life and the urge to binge watch every episode ever. 

J. is in the US right now and coming back early next week, but not in time for my birthday. Last night he informed me that he's been doing some research to determine how much Vanilla Coke he's legally allowed to take over the boarder. I have concerns that he's going to appear on an episode of Boarder Security being questioned as to why he is transporting Vanilla Coke in bulk. This is a confession because I realize I've been watching wayyyy too many episodes of Border Security/Boarder Wars. 

I've been procrastinating on getting the oil changed in my car for no real reason other than I don't like running time sensitive errands before work and I enjoy not leaving the house on weekends. It will happen on Saturday though, I'm psyching myself up. Mostly I just want to cross it off my to do list.

I missed doing a year in review post for 2014 because I was busy not blogging when everyone else was posting theirs but now I kind of regret it. How late is too late to make a year in review post? Is it bad if it happens in February? No? Okay, good.

I got out of the habit of meal planning and it's starting to catch up with me. The daily game of "what am I going to bring to eat at work" is not fun. And on one occasion last week I ate gingerbread Oreos, half a bagel, a can of coke and called it a meal. I am working on stopping the madness though. Except that I have a huge craving for Wendy's that needs satisfying.

I got a new camera lens for Christmas and have only used it once. My only excuse is that it's too cold outside and the lightning inside isn't great. That's not actually an excuse, but that's what I'm offering up.

For my final confession I'll let all the blogging world know I'm ending this post so I can make garlic bread to eat while I watch My 600 lb Life. You can judge me it you wish, I'm judging myself.

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  1. Hi there, found your blog through the link-up! LOL at your last confession, mmmm garlic bread! You can do a 2014 in review post whenever you're ready, of course! :)

  2. Garlic bread sounds good too.. There are too many food confessions this week and I am way to hungry for this. Ha ha! You can review 2014 any time you want -- your blog your rules :) Has J. tried cherry Pepsi? That is pretty delicious too!