Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Weekly Confessions

It has been weeks months since I've logged into Google Analytics to obsess over my blog numbers. It wasn't a conscious decision but it's certainly been nice.

I love watching Four Weddings and pinning wedding favours on Pinterest as much as the next girl but I just cannot fathom the idea of spending large sums of money to get married. There is no way on God's green earth that I would ever spend thousands of dollars on a dress I'll wear for 8-10 hours.  (And I kind of judge the people who do.)

Along the same lines, the money that goes into professional sports also blows my mind.

I just want to go explore things and take lots of pictures, but I'm SO self conscious of using my DSLR. I have no idea why, 90% of the time I whip out my iPhone at any given moment to snap a photo of a cookie or a flower or my cup of coffee. But the idea of taking out my 'real' camera and using it to capture the perfect shadow or sun stream makes me feel so nervous and I'm scared people are going to think I'm crazy.

Sometimes when I need a mood boost I search "Funniest Game Show Moments" and am instantly cured of my crankiness. Family Feud ones seem to be the best.

At the end of the summer the director & I give the counsellors a staff gift. It's usually something homemade and relates to an inside joke from the summer. Last year we made each of the counsellors a calendar. Despite our best efforts the calendars didn't get made until the night before the staff banquet (aka the last night of camp) and we were both exhausted and kept getting interrupted by various tasks. Long story short this is what the calendar looks like for the month of May. #fail

I need to step up my Twitter game. It's atrocious. I semi-regret creating a second Twitter account just for my blog. At the same time I don't because I would never tweet links to my blog posts on my personal Twitter (#closetblogger) but I never think to just tweet random things on my blog account. 

I keep trying to think of more confessions just so that I can avoid doing work/getting dressed/packing etc. But I'm all out so instead I'm going to finish the last of my coffee and hop on over to another blog to read your confessions! 

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  1. i dont even understand Google Analytics lol. i tried to, but then i exited out, and now i cant figure out how to put the link in the pages or something? who knows. im so confused.
    funniest game show moments sound hilarious, and i will be youtubing tonight. haha!

  2. I never used Twitter until I started the blog so I just keep it for that. I'm not so great at keeping up with it though!

  3. i always forget i have GAnalytics. i'm just not interested in stats; i never have been. today i looked over at my bloglovin count and was really surprised that i have that many followers. the interactions are what im interested in :)

    thanks for linking up!
    Vodka and Soda

  4. I run Wordpress, so I have a Google Analytics dashboard right on my homepage. I had to collapse it and I only let myself view it once a month now. It really saved my sanity. As far as Twitter goes, I have the answer to your problems - Hootsuite! I just signed up last week and it has changed my life + made Twitter SO much easier. Try it!

  5. 4 Weddings is the SHIT! I love that show. I could get sucked into a marathon for HOURS! I can't see spending insane amounts of money on a wedding either. The important thing is being MARRIED... I'm too cheap to spend that much for ONE night! haah