Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Campfire Confessions #1

Happy Day 5! Once camp season hits I generally have no idea what day of the week it is and if you ask me what day it is I can guarantee I will reply with "Day 3" or whatever camp day it happens to be. (For those of you who are unfamiliar with camp sessions are usually organized by days. At my camp Day 0 is the day that all staff come back to camp after a session break (the days between each group of campers) campers arrive on Day 1 and go home on Day 7. There are always a few days between Day 7 and Day 0 for staff to go home and get prepared for the next week.)

I have decided though that I will keep track of Wednesdays because that means it's time for Confessions with Kathy! And between living/working/eating/sleeping/breathing with the same group of people (mostly in their late teens and early 20s) I'm going to have somethings to rant about   confess.

- I should probably be more stressed about the current staff situation, especially the lack of a head cook…but stressing really isn't going to fix anything so I can't be bothered. Finger's Crossed that sometime between now and June 2nd a cook materializes?

- I have been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift lately, it helps me deal with life.

- Daily "Let it Go" sing a longs have also become a coping mechanism.

- I started elaborate Pinterest inspired start of camp gifts for the head counsellors but ran out of time to finish them before camp started. I put the final touches on them last night and in typical Pinterest Project fashion they are far in superior to the original idea.

- It's been an emotional couple of days but I haven't hidden under my desk to cry yet and I've only ate gummy bears in bed once. I'm doing okay.

- Being surrounded by a bunch of 18 & 19 year old counsellors makes me feel old.

- Being surrounded by whiney people makes me cranky.

- Since moving to camp my coffee consumption has increased by 500%. By the end of the summer it will be the only thing flowing through my veins.

- I feel like I haven't written a real blog post in months. Everything is link ups and lists and random ramblings. Then again, I have no idea what constitutes a "real" blog post so you can be the judge.

- A few counsellors have walked by my office and clearly think I'm really busy doing work at 8:00 a.m., little do they know I'm just blogging.

I do need to wrap up this first confession session of the summer so I can finish planning my sessions on the Budget (Why we Don't Use Broom Sticks as Swords) and figure out how I'm going to stay warm for the rest of the day. Seriously Canada, Get your act together.


  1. we have an 18yr old intern here and one time at lunch, she was talking about "old people" so when i asked her what she thought was "old" she goes "oh you know, people in their 30s". so then i laughed and said "you mean everyone here at the table?" hahahha! she turned beet red.

    thanks for linking up!

    Vodka and Soda

  2. i love Taylor + Let it go! fun times :)
    gummy bears in bed sound like a fabulous idea! haha.

  3. Let it GOooooooo, such an awesome sing a long song. Gummy bears in bed are always a good idea. You can come down to Delaware and have our weather. It's already smokin outside, and I miss the cool weather.

  4. "real blog post" bahahahha.. if you figure it out, let us know. I do mostly link ups and rantings and well.. it is what it is. I figure my Gentle Readers must like it because some of them have stuck around for quite a while.

  5. Oh fun, what kind of camp are you working at? I've worked a few summer camps in my day as a counselor. Great memories and some seriously hard work lol