Monday, 3 February 2014

One Day Down

I'm writing this post sitting in my new room, in my new apartment, drinking tea, eating 'welcome to the city cookies' after successfully making it through my first day of my big girl job!

I wasn't nervous about starting work, but the whole driving in the city component of the job definitely causes some anxiety. I keep reminding myself it will get easier but for now it's the worst part of the day. Especially the going home part when it's dark out and rush hour traffic is happening!

I've been snapping photos and screenshots of all the amazing messages friends have been sending me over the past few days in anticipation of being an awesome blogger but right now I have no motivation to be a "good blogger".

Eventually I will take the time to document my first few days in the city. But for now I'm going to enjoy being in jogging pants, sipping tea and catching up with friends who are eagerly awaiting to Skype so they can hear about my first day!


  1. Yay!!! You've begun! How exciting--and overwhelming a bit, too, I'm sure!

  2. found you thru musings of a museum fanatic. and thought I'd check you out. i'm now following you on both of my sites

  3. Yay! So exciting, I've been thinking and praying for you over the last week! Glad to hear it's been good so far!