Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Playing Catch Up

Oh my, I didn't plan on taking so many days off from blogging but Saturday night I came down with a stomach bug. Sunday I was absolutely miserable, I couldn't eat or drink anything, I just slept all day. Yesterday I still felt crummy but I had an appointment in town at 9 a.m. to complete some more paper work for the never ending grant project. I managed to to pull myself together to go in but it took longer than I was expecting and the whole time I just wanted to sleep. When it was finally over I high tailed it home, took some Gravol and slept until supper time. I managed to crawl out of bed long enough to sip some tea and eat some crackers. Today I'm feeling better, but I'm still exhausted. It's barely 11 a.m. and I'm already anticipating bedtime. Not a great way to start off December!

While I was busy being sick I got way behind in the blog world. When I checked Bloglovin' last night there were over 60 unread posts! I'm looking forward to a lazy day snuggled on the couch with a cup of tea catching up on everyone's Thanksgiving celebrations! Before I get to that though I want to link up for the last instalment of "These Are A Few of My Favourie Things" Link Up with Elise & Jen to share some of my favourite gifts that are under >$100! As a matter of fact, all of these gifts are under $50!

Who doesn't love a new mug to sip tea or coffee out of on a cold winer day? I really like filling the mug with K-Cups, individual hot chocolate packages or a gift card to Tim Horton's! I think it's the perfect Secret Santa gift and depending on the mug & what you put inside you can easily keep it under budget!

I adore board games! Apples to Apples is one of my favourites. I think board games make great gifts because it's something you can play during holiday gatherings, but you can get lots of use out of it all year round too! I always have at least one board game on my Santa list!

The past few years TV Shows on DVD have been a bit gift in our house! We've all got favourite shows that we like to re-watch and Dad loves DVDs of the shows he watched growing up (think, M*A*S*H).

I have yet to meet a female who doesn't love new pyjamas! And if you want something a little more expensive, you can always pair it with a mug/gift card or DVD and give the recipient all the ingredients for a cozy night in!

One of my favourite parts of Christmas is admiring all of the ornaments on the tree and reminiscing about where each ornament came from and who gave it to us. Christmas Ornaments  can make great really personal presents, either you're lucky enough to stumble upon the perfect one in store or you find a great DIY to make one or you are able to purchase something generic and add a monogram or engraving.

I mentioned before that one of my favourite gifts to give to friends is to fill a stocking with a whole bunch of their favourite things! I'm working on gathering things to make a few of them right now and it's so much fun to just pick up little things that I know they're going to love. 

Check back tomorrow when I link up with Erica to recap my November Goals and publicly declare goals for December!


  1. You go girl! Under $50 wins in my book! haha Thanks for sharing!

  2. I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well! I hope you're back to 100% soon! :-)

  3. Apples to Apples is like seven dollars at Walmart right now!


  4. Hope your backing to feeling yourself soon!! Mugs are a great gift!! Greys anatomy happens to be one of my faves :)

  5. Goodness gracious...bless your heart! Hope you're feeling in tip top shape again soon, my darling!!!
    Loving the apples to apples on your list...one of my favey fave games!
    Thanks for linking up, sweet girl! Cheers to a fun past few weeks! xx

  6. A mug with a gift card is the perfect gift, especially for Secret Santa! I hope you're feeling better...I was sick recently and it took me so long to get over it, so miserable! Glad to hear you're at least feeling well enough to play on Bloglovin! ;-)