Friday, 5 February 2016

Three Things of Friday

This week felt LONG.

There were a lot of bright spots though so let's celebrate some of them.


Groundhog Day! I love a day dedicated to celebrating little critters. Especially when it's little critters who are supposed to be forecasting the weather. And the official groundhog for my area predicted an early spring, which is an added bonus. The groundhogs above are the ones that live at camp, not the the ones responsible for predicting the weather around here.


I broke down and ordered Savor, it should be here by next week! It's been on my radar for awhile but I wasn't completely sure I wanted to invest. After reading through a ton of reviews on Goodreads and seeing that it was on sale for $15 online I went ahead and ordered. According to online tracker it should be here by the end of next week.

I keep forgetting that it's Super Bowl weekend. I can honestly say I have never watched a football game, I've seen glimpses on highlight reels and occasionally J. will turn the game on when we're together but I can handle it for about five minutes before I demand we find something else to watch. I can appreciate the snacks though...if someone wants to invite me over to spend six hours eating various dips and appetizers I can totally get on board.

I really thought I had more than three things to say about this week, but I'm drawing a blank. And I really need to eat some breakfast. Maybe next week my blog game will improve.

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