Thursday, 3 December 2015

Ode to An iPhone

Yesterday  I updated my iPhone 4S to an iPhone 5S and after three years it seemed like an event worth documenting. Also, if you have any suggestions for new apps I should download let me know in the comments! I'm especially interested in photography apps and memory keeping to go along with next year's Project Life.

Dear iPhone,

We had a good run the two of us and while I will miss your bright lime green case I will not miss your recent refusal to update to the new iOS or send iMessages. Today though, let's focus on your successes in life. We've had many memorable moments during our last three and a half years together. 

More than anything thanks for helping me navigate my love life. You were an integral part of arranging the quintessential summer romance of 2013, the bizarre will they/won't they romance of 2014 and most importantly the beginnings of my relationship with J.. 

You were always there in a crisis ready to dial home and connect me with the answers to many of life's greatest questions. For example; "Mom how do I ____" or "Dad, there's a raging blizzard outside and my windshield wiper just broke." 

And during the camp season you accompanied me on many town trips and supported me through many crisis like where to buy Thickner in a small town. You also helped to document that time N. and I bought 120 lbs of potatoes and 60 litres of milk at Sobey's.

Thanks for keeping track of things when I was busy and group messages got a little out of hand because H., R. & I are a little co-dependant and sometimes you just need to send 99+ messages of the course of a few hours. You didn't judge though.

May you rest easy in the designated retired electronics drawer. 


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