Monday, 14 December 2015

December Currently

Reading... I'm finally reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. The verdict is still out as to whether or not it's going to be truly life changing. 
Playing... I've been playing Sims Freeplay on my iPhone!
Watching... I'm still very into The Curse of Oak Island. I ended up watching 90 Day Fiance finale and after show because I was just so curious about it all. I also randomly watched a lot of Mystery Diners a couple weeks back. 
Trying... To get all of my Christmas shopping done and wrapped!
Cooking... I have been slacking in the cooking department lately. I have been making a lot of breakfast for supper themed meals, most notably pancakes and bacon. 
Eating... Breakfast foods! And popcorn. 
Drinking... Coffee and water have been my beverages of choice this month. 
Calling... Nobody! Which is great, I hate calling people. 
Texting... This answer really doesn't change month to month, J., H., R. and N. 
Pinning... I was pinning a lot of Christmas games and craft ideas for Sparks. Once I got that sorted out I was pinning Disney tips & tricks and continuing with the Project Life inspiration.
Tweeting... Nothing too exciting. 
Going... to Florida in a few weeks.
Loving... The first thing that came to mind was thick cut ripple plain chips that have been my go to snack as of lately. That seems pretty shallow though, I assure you there are many other things I'm loving snacks just happen to be at the forefront of my mind right now.
Hating... Television. I've been making a conscious effort to watch less and to only watch the shows I'm watching and not the constant
Discovering... How easy it is to lose track of time and end up accomplishing a whole lot of nothing after a whole lot of time. 
Thinking... The whole world seems to be obsessed with Star Wars and I would really like everyone to just calm down about the aliens? robots? ninjas? I don't even know what the characters are supposed to be, I just want them to go away. Or at least stay away from my snack foods.
Feeling... I think the best way to sum up my current emotions and mood is "cautiously optimistic" and a little overwhelmed. 
Hoping (for)... I don't like travelling in winter so I am hoping that things stay mild so that I can go to the city to see H., R. & N. over Christmas and that we can get from here to Florida and back without being interrupted by a snow storm!
Listening (to)... Lots of Stuart McLean's Christmas stories. I haven't listened to 'Dave Cooks the Turkey' yet though, I'm saving that for closer to Christmas. 
Celebrating... Christmas!
Smelling... There's a cinnamon scented thing in the scentsy so I've been smelling that a lot. Once the tree goes up the house will smell like Christmas! 
Ordering... Nothing. I've given up on ordering things online. 
Thankful for... Living close to family and having (weather dependant) plans to see friends over Christmas. 
Considering... The options for 2016, especially when it comes to camp. 
Starting... To think about Ali Edward's One Little Word project for 2016 and how to incorporate that into Project Life or if I'll make a separate scrapbook/journal for that particular project. 
Finishing... It feels like I haven't finished anything in forever. I've started a lot of things or thought about starting but I need to see about a dozen things through to completion. 

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