Monday, 14 October 2013

20-Something Check List

One of my favourite websites that I check daily (alright, hourly) is BuzzFeed. If you're not familiar with the site the best way to describe it is part news site, part humour, lots of lists and fun facts and overall a great way to pass some time. About a week ago they posted this article: 27 Things Every Girl in Her Twenties Should Really Have By Now. Being a 20-Something Girl I started reading through the list and then because I'm a 20-something blogger realized the list would make great inspiration for a post. So I decided to go through each of the items on the list and give myself a 'check' or an 'x' then tally my score and see how I'm doing (according to one internet article anyway).

1. The ability to feed yourself on a daily basis. Done & Done! I am an excellent cook and although sometimes I choose to eat gummy bears for breakfast that's a decision not a necessity.

2. At least one friend.  Check! They might not be close distance wise but I am incredibly lucky to have a number of friends to support and encourage me. And sometimes tell me it's okay that I ate gummy bears for breakfast because they had pie. 

3. An outfit that says "I'm a mature professional," and not "I have no idea what I'm doing with my life and I think I have popcorn lodged in my bra, sorry." Check! (and Check! but I think the first one is more important)

4. The ability to be woken up by an alarm. Check! To be honest, I've never had a problem with this, maybe I'm just a light sleeper but I've never slept through an alarm. 

5. A going-out dress in which you won't TOTALLY flash everybody around you. Hrm...I'm a little confused by this question, because I have dresses that say "I am a mature professional" but I wouldn't wear those dresses out with friends. I'm giving myself the points. 

6. A favourite book that isn't Fight Club. Check! I haven't even read Fight Club!

7. An emergency ice cream tub in the freezer. Nope. I do have an emergency bag of ketchup chips though...

8. A favourite move that isn't The Notebook. Check!

9. A well-reasoned attitude toward social media. Check. I don't spend a lot of time on Facebook and I certainly don't air my dirty laundry on there or feel the need to make obscure references to things that are just begging for attention. 

10. Romantic prospects of some kind. Ehhh...

11. An intimate knowledge of the Harry Potter series. I know enough to get by. I've read the books and love the movies but I don't think I'd classify myself as a huge Harry Potter nerd.

12. A dish that you can cook without having to look up the recipe. Check! I am pro at homemade pizza dough!

13. Transportation. Check! I've had my license since I was 17 and just bought a car last year.

14. At least one ex that you're still on good terms with. I really only have one 'ex' and we "dated" in jr.high so it wasn't all that serious. However he is one of my best friends and one of the very few people I stayed in close contact with after high school. 

15. Readymade playlists for all major emotions and activities. Check! My iTunes is truly a masterpiece highlights include "Boy Troubles", "Jesus Rock & Worship Jams", "Hayrides & Happiness", "Happy Endings" and "Pour Sours".

16. A passable knowledge of your country's political goings-on. Check! 

17. A signature dance move. Erm...not really, but I am perfectly okay with that.

18. An instinct to recycle. I'm not even sure what this means? But yes I recycle? Check? 

19. An internet crush. X. 

20. A make up routine. Check! It's nothing fancy and to be honest parts of it I learned from Jenna Marble's YouTube videos so, it could probably use some work. 

21. A presentable resume. Check! 

23. At least one iconic rap song memorized. Does "Baby Got Back" count? Because I've never been a rap fan and probably never will be. But I do appreciate 90's one hit wonders.

24. A healthy body image and legit self-respect. I'm halfway there. I think I've got an acceptable amount of self-respect but my body image could use some work. 

25. The ability to restrain yourself. Most of the time but sometimes you just need to eat the gummy bears for breakfast or splurge on Victoria Secret underwear.

26. A bank balance that is generally above $0. Check. I'm generally really careful with my money, I'm still paying off student loans but I'm not that hard up. 

27. Self-awareness. In Progress. I mean I know what I like and what I don't, what I'm good at and what I should avoid at all costs but I'm still learning and figuring it out. 

Total: 17.5/27 = 65%

Not exactly the confidence boost I was hoping for, but some of the things on that list are totally debatable. What do you think 20-somethings should have accomplished? 


  1. I agree, some of these are debatable. Like the internet crush, the dance move and romantic prospects (that last one may just be because I'm single at 26 and no prospects in sight ;) ) haha thanks for sharing! I love Buzzfeed too, but must have missed this one

    1. Yeah, I certainly don't feel like I'm missing out on anything by not having an internet crush! I think one of my favourite things about BuzzFeed is no matter how many times a day you check it you always miss something the first time or there's a new article posted, it never gets boring or outdated!

  2. Such a good list, I was mentally checking things off as I was reading lol

    1. Haha I knew I had to blog about it as soon as I realized I was mentally checking things off and commenting as I was reading :)

  3. Hi Donna! This is a great idea :D Do you mind if I blog about it too? Also, I can totally relate on that tiny comic strip ;_; its like my life right now being a confused 23 year old haha

    1. I don't mind if you blog about it at all! I'd love to read your thoughts about it :)