Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pros & Cons

Pro: The friends I was apartment sitting for came back from the states and brought me a case of Vanilla Coke!! I am seriously excited and am still figuring out how I'm going to ration the deliciousness. Seriously those of you who have easy access to Vanilla Coke I am forever jealous. 

Con: After a wonderful week of having my own place, seeing friends and having a social life today my house and apartment sitting duties ended so I packed up an drove home. I was an hour outside the City when I realized my make-up bag and bag of shower stuff was still sitting on the bathroom counter. Fail.

Pro: Yesterday I treated myself to a delicious Salted Caramel Mocha from Starbucks. 

Con: Longing for another fancy coffee fix and knowing it will be awhile before I get the chance again I decided to try the Pumpkin Spice Latte at Tim Horton's towards the end of my drive home. It did not taste good. 

Pro: Bought a new package of my favourite lip chap while I was away, it comes in packages of two and I'm seriously loving the honeydew flavour.

Con: I have already lost/misplaced one tube. 

Pro: Since starting this blog I have been diligent about replying to every comment because that's what all the "big bloggers" say to do to build a reader base. Plus, I think it's just good manners, especially when I average one or two a day.

Con: Today I learned I have spent the past 8 months improperly replying to comments. I always just pressed the reply button under the original comment on the blog post. Apparently other bloggers don't get notified when you do this and proper comment-replying is replying to the e-mail notification you get...yeah...blogging is hard. Also, if you ever comment and think I'm a jerk for not replying I'm offering up my apologies. I promise I'm not a jerk, just stunned when it comes to blogging apparently.

Pro: It is time to crawl into bed, read a chapter or two of a book and go to sleep. There is no con to bedtime. 

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