Thursday, 15 September 2016

Currently: Catch Up Edition

Since I missed four months of 'Currently' posts it feels fitting to resume that tradition as I dip my toes back into the blogging world. 

Reading... I just finished reading 'The Firelight Girls' and am about to start  The Secrets of Midwives.
Playing... I haven't really been playing much of anything. 
Watching... I re-watched a lot of How I Met Your Mother this summer. Lately I've been watching a lot My 600 lb Life and awaiting the start of a new season of 90 Day Fiance. 
Trying...  To get everything unpacked and organized, finish my Project Life album from the summer and fill in the gaps of the one I've been working on all year. 
Cooking... Summer is always the worst season for cooking, although since we had a lot of kitchen struggles this year I did spend a lot of time there. Lasagna for 60 anyone? 
Eating... Nothing particularly noteworthy, mostly I'm just enjoying eating on my own time and eating things I want to eat. 
Drinking... I drank a lot of dark pop and lime this summer. 
Calling... Still trying to work out paperwork and final pays from the office job I had last winter/spring. It's just as much of a nightmare as it sounds.
Texting... H. & R. and N. 
Pinning... Project Life Freebies, especially printable labels. 
Going... No plans to go anywhere any time soon.
Loving... That the ice cube tray is always full and I no longer share a bathroom with 25 other people. 
Hating... It's back to being dark out at 8:00 p.m. and that makes me sad.
Discovering... I really do know myself better than anyone else. 
Thinking... Right now I'm primarily thinking about lunch. 
Feeling... Peaceful. Content. 
Hoping (for)... A really stellar interview, followed by a job that doesn't end in four months.
Listening (to)... H. got me hooked on Apple Music so I've been re-discovering some old favourites I had forgotten about and happily singing along to some recent country hits. 
Celebrating... There's a lot of fall birthdays in my life. 
Smelling... Nothing in this moment, but I was just thinking I should see what candles are stashed in my candle drawer. 
Ordering... No ordering for this gal. There is absolutely nothing I need. 
Thankful for... Endings & Beginnings.
Considering... How to make blogging part of my routine again without making it feel like a chore. 
Starting... To blog again! 
Finishing... Project Life Album for the summer! 

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