Friday, 15 April 2016

Food & Photography on Friday

This week started off strong, took a little dip and then kind of evened out. I say kind of because I felt like this week had a lot of question marks that are still question marks. I'm sort of disappointed but also don't have any super definitive answers so I'm not really sure what to think or how to feel. More on that next week, right now I'm blogging about five things that are mildly noteworthy about this week. Most of which are related to food and yet there are no photos of food. 


Elle Luna's #The100DayProject starts next week and I'm still not sure what I want to take on for the next 100 days. I already know that during those 100 days I will be going on a trip and relocating to camp so doing anything that is going to involve a lot of art supplies is not the best choice for success. Photography is definitely the route I will be taking but I need to decide on something to photograph. I've tossed around the idea of photographing all the numbers from 1-100, or a specific shape, or multiple run throughs of the alphabet. I want it to be something that requires some creative thinking but isn't too time consuming. 

I had a major Pinterest recipe disappointment this week. I tried to make "Spinach & Artichoke Stuffed Garlic Bread" and you know what I made? Soggy bread. It looked fine but the bread only got kind of crusty on the bottom and none of the cheese really melted to make a gooey, cheese thing happen when you pulled the pieces apart. It wasn't terrible, I ate it, but I should have just heated up the baguette and dipped it in the dip as you normally would. 

I have been eating pitas for lunch everyday this week. Chicken Caesar pitas with romaine, chicken, croutons. Greek inspired pitas with chicken, feta, cucumber, red onion & tzatziki. Chipotle chicken pita with chipotle mayo, chicken, cucumber, red onion and cajun chicken and cheddar cheese. I'm not exactly sure how this trend started but I'm pretty satisfied with the whole thing. 

Next week is my last full week of work at the office job. My contract ends on Wednesday of the following week and I am kind of ready to get back to a regular schedule. Albeit briefly, since camp season is approaching and camp season does not lead to any sort of regular schedule. 

It's been rainy all week and sort of damp and chilly out but all I want to do is drink iced coffee. So tasty and delicious but also impractical based on the weather outside. 

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