Monday, 17 March 2014

Weekends in March

This first Saturday in March I was up at 5:00 a.m. to drive to a Saturday morning group for children with disabilities to do camp recruitment.

The second Saturday in March I spent at the office getting ready for Day Camp.

The fourth Saturday in March I'm spending at a conference for high school students with disabilities for more camper recruitment. 

Which means this past weekend was my one full weekend off this month. And I celebrated by doing a whole lot of nothing  BuzzFeed Quizzes.

Friday night after work I actually went out to supper with some friends. I was still home by 11 though and asleep by 12. 

On Saturday I finished reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker. It was SO good. Even if you're not religious I still think you can appreciate the message she's trying to get across. I'd love to do a similar kind of challenge, especially the Food & Clothing month. I am a habitual complainer of "having nothing to wear" and limiting myself to 7 types of foods for a month would be a challenge, but it would certainly remind me to appreciate what I eat on a daily basis without much thought. 

Sunday I got caught up with my Lent Project (more on that later this week), TV shows and went to bed at a decent hour. 

The majority of 20-somethings are probably out tonight drinking copious amounts of green beer & Jell-O laced with alcohol. I on the other hand am wondering if 8 o'clock is too early for pyjamas. (It's not.) And trying not to stress myself out about finding my way to the location of a full day workshop I'm attending tomorrow. 

Writing this really made me realize I need to have more interesting adventures if I want to keep up this blogging thing! 

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