Thursday, 12 September 2013

Staying Connected

The topic for today's Blogtember post is how blogging & social media has changed you.

I'm still pretty new to the blogging world and still figuring things out. The best thing about blogging is that I'm writing again! Back in the day I was an avid Livejournal-er and hardly ever went a day without updating. The hardest thing about blogging is finding a balance between being open and interesting enough to write good posts, make new friends while still maintaining some level of privacy, especially when I'm writing about camp or friends because I don't want to/can't plaster their information all over the internet!

Social Media is another thing, right now I happen to be in a stage of my life where my friends are scattered all over the country working on Master's degrees or starting their careers, without technology it would be a lot harder to stay in touch! With a quick scroll through my Twitter feed I can find out who is having a good day, who has exciting weekend plans and of course keep up with the news! At least once a day I use Facebook chat to catch up with friends. It blows my mind that if it wasn't for technology I would be waiting days/weeks for letters to arrive just to stay in touch. Now snail mail is something we do just for fun!


  1. I love how technology keeps everyone so connected!! Makes me super thankfully!! Though I still love getting snail mail occasionally!

    1. Thanks for stopping by :) I've made it my goal for the year to send snail mail birthday cards to friends and I've been having so much fun picking out cards and little goodies to send along with them!