Monday, 9 September 2013

Back on the Blogging Wagon!

Remember that time last week when I committed to blogging (almost) every day in September? 
Yeah, me too.
And then my laptop decided to go haywire making it impossible to do anything even remotely productive. The good news it seems to be fixed now and I am ready to hop back on the blogging wagon!

The Blogtember Challenge for the day is to take this Personality Test...
Which tells me I am INFJ. It seems pretty accurate, apparently I excel in careers with intellectual work, caring for people and creativity. Working at camp and with youth definitely requires a lot of caring and creativity! Famous INFJs include Mother Theresa and Jerry Seinfeld so I am in good company!

I'm also linking up with Sami to tell you about my weekend...
Friday I was up at 6:45 to babysit my cousins and help get them ready and on the bus for the second day of school! I came home around 8:30 and spent the day unpacking from camp and getting my life organized. I managed to fill a laundry basket of clothes to donate and get everything from camp put away where it belongs. Friday evening I went for a walk, came home and watched some TV and went to bed. Saturday I went to a new park that opened about 20 minutes from my house and did the walking trail there. The park isn't quite finished yet, but it was still nice to check it out. Afterwards I went for groceries, came home and made delicious guacamole which I ate while sorting through pictures from the summer. Even after weeding out the not-so-great pictures and just picking my favourites I still ended up with over 300 prints.

Yesterday, I spent the entire day watching Breaking Bad. I am both proud and ashamed to disclose I watched the entire first season yesterday. Such a good show! And really wasn't expecting to like it, but the first 5 seasons are on Netflix and one of my best friends recommended I watch, so I started and now can't stop! 

Not a very exciting weekend but I enjoyed it! This week I'm looking forward to actually participating in the Blogtember posts plus blogging about some craft projects I have in the works! 


  1. I'm glad your personality test worked out for you! I think I'm conflicted : ) My brother told me I needed to start watching Breaking Bad! I haven't yet, but I heard it's so good. Time to get Netflix ; ) Mmm fresh guacamole sounds so good right now...

    1. I could live off fresh guacamole & multi-grain Tostitos! It's not normally the kind of show I watch I usually stick to reality shows and sitcoms and Grey's Anatomy! But I'm totally hooked on Breaking Bad!