Wednesday, 1 May 2013

250 Words & What I'm Loving

Today's blog every day in May challenge is Your Life Story in 250 World or Less:

I was born and raised a small town in Nova Scotia, Canada. When I was 7 my parents sent me to the church's summer camp for a week and that shaped me in ways I can't even begin to explain. After I graduated high school I moved further east to attend university. I studied Recreation and minored in Religious Studies, my ultimate life goal is to operate my own Christian Camp/Retreat Center. When I finished university I moved back to my small town and am currently living with my parents. It's been a long year of adjusting to being so far away from university friends but I've survived. I work as the Assistant Camp Director at a summer camp for children, teens and adults with physical and mental disabilities. The biggest question mark in my life right now is figuring out what I'm going to do in September, after camp. In a lot of ways I'm a stereotypical 20-Something single girl trying to figure out where I'm headed in life.


I love that camp in 18 days away!! 
I love that Dollar Drink Days are back at McDonald's! $1 Iced Coffee here I come!!

Speaking of iced coffee...

I love that it's finally iced coffee & ice cap weather! 

I've totally fallen in love with Instagram! I got my iPhone way back in October but never bothered with IG until a few weeks ago. Now I'm totally hooked.


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