Sunday, 28 April 2013

Weekend Update

I had a pretty low key weekend, but in an attempt to update more often I'm going to blog about it anyway. 

Saturday I baby sat the Tiny Human from 9-5, being in a rush to leave her Mom forgot the bag of toys she usually brings with her, so we had to improvise. We spent a lot of time playing with fridge magnets followed by some good ol' fashion wooden spoons and plastic bowl time. Between make-shift toys, naps and lunch we manged to pass away the day.

Camp is less than a month away and now that 99% of the staff is hired I spent some time this crafting fun door signs for everybody. I used the Create-A-Critter Cartridge and kept with the animal theme for everyone. At first I tried to stick with campy animals...but with a staff of 22 and usually have a couple of volunteers each week too that plan ended quickly.

Tomorrow night at Brownies I'm attempting to make homemade lip gloss with the girls. It's one of those situations where I have high hopes and low expectations.

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