Thursday, 19 January 2017

27 Wishes

I seem to have accidentally started a tradition of making lists on my birthday around these parts. When I turned 24 I created a list of 24 wishes, I hadn't read that post in years but I am happy to report that 4.5 of those wishes came true! And on my 25 birthday and 26 birthday I made lists of relevant 'fun facts'. The majority of the fun facts on those lists are still accurate and since I could use some wish magic in my life right now I'm going to go ahead and grant myself 27 wishes.

  1. Full time, year round, permanent position that I love. Ideally with a camp or similar organization.
  2. A kind, attractive, outdoorsy gentleman who is interested in long term commitment.
  3. An all inclusive 10 day trip to Walt Disney World for myself and three friends. 
  4. A fully stocked and fully functional craft room.
  5. A sleepover with the Pioneer Woman. (That way she could make me supper, breakfast and multiple snacks.)
  6. All you can eat mozzarella sticks once a month for the rest of the year.
  7. The ability to teleport.
  8. A talent for sewing.
  9. A fully stocked and organized pantry. (Similar to Ree Drummond, I may have an obsession.)
  10. A Starbucks date with Taylor Swift.
  11. To wake up to fully cooked breakfast every morning. Not breakfast in bed, but I want to be motivated by the smell of bacon.
  12. Power to pick & choose when I will be blessed with a good hair day.
  13. Lunch with Becky Higgins, creator of Project Life.
  14. A quirky animal sidekick. 
  15. Happy mail on a regular basis. 
  16. A boost of confidence. 
  17. The opportunity to visit all of the Girl Guide/Scout World Centres.
  18. A week long camping trip.
  19. A super chic coffee bar set up.
  20. Motivation to become someone who does yoga on a regular basis.
  21. Consistently neat handwriting.
  22. An avocado tree in the backyard so I could time my ripe avocados appropriately. 
  23. A month long trip to Australia.
  24. Pizza Party with Kate Middleton. 
  25. Ice Cream cake.
  26. Can I have two trips to Disney World?
  27. A year full of good things & happiness. 

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