Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Ten on Tuesday: Questions I'm Asking Myself

April isn't a month I've ever given a whole lot of thought to, it comes and goes. It usually snows and there are a few sunny days thrown in for good measure. By April I know what my work schedule will look like until September and it's generally a peaceful, uneventful month. This year the weather is the same but the peacefulness is lacking. There are some things still up in the air and it means that I'm struggling to balance optimism and reality with an extra dose of anxiety for good measure. 

So I'm going to take the opportunity to link up with Karli and share ten of the most pressing questions I'm currently asking myself. Maybe some of you have answers, if so please share. Maybe next week I can avoid writing a 'Ten Reasons Why I've Lost My Mind' post. 

1. How often is too often to check my e-mail? Every 10 minutes? 15 minutes? Maybe just once an hour. I can't help myself so I'm opting for 15 minutes. 

2. How long to I keep checking my e-mail before I cut my loses and get on with life? Three days? A week? Two weeks? I'm saying a week, but I'm not sure that's the right answer.

3. Is it selfish to pray for good things to happen to myself? How does that balance out in the scheme of the world? It feels impossibly to balance hopefulness and being graceful. 

4. Is it too soon to plan a second trip to Disney World? I want to go back and do a full out Disney trip but I also recognize I am in my mid-twenties and childless so maybe that's weird?

5. When am I going to make time to organize the quantity of 'stuff' that I have been saving for the past few months under the guise of using it for a Sparks craft or camp craft or 'this might come in handy someday'? 

6. Why are people on the internet so passive aggressive? I know people are also passive aggressive in real life but it just seems so much worse on the internet.

7. What am I going to wear to work? I was busy working on Project Life album all day Sunday and neglected to do any work prep for the week. 

8. Where did all my motivation to read go? I used to easily read a book a week and now I haven't read anything since January. Nothing seems to peek or keep my interest. And that makes me sad.

9. Are there really people out there who don't feel stressed/anxious about deadlines and what happens next? What's it like to identify with the Type B personality? Teach me your ways. 

10. Where do people find the answers to their questions? Does wikipedia still hold all the answers or are folks resorting to Facebook and Twitter?

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